Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Believe Me, Believe In Myself

nobody could see the truth
but heart does
the eyes does too

people don't know the truth
because they couldn't see what's in your heart
they will believe the lips that speak up craps
so they know the truth from that

i, the normal human
believe in myself
only me and God know the truth
i don't care if people wanna trust others
but not me

only me, God and people who close to me
know the truth

Monday, January 30, 2012

They Are My Life, My Soul


they're my life
my soul
happy knowing them & be a part of them

they will be there if you're sad or happy
you can share everything with them
even i knew them for only a few months
but they treat me like their family

i'm happy working with them
such a good friends even some of them are my bosses
they'e cool man!


Friday, January 6, 2012

GTH Fucking Stalkers!

Dear fucking stalkers,

Can u please stay away from my blog? Are you fucking retard stalking my blog and laugh about whatever in it?

Hey please you're not good in writing or whatever u post in your fucking blog at all. I don't even stalk your blog because i know it's kinda stupid compared to mine. Haha.

Please behave like an adult because you're not a teenager! You're fucking childish u know that? Pfft! You have a stupid brain don't u know that?

Stop stalking my blog idiot!