Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello readers & stalkers!

Here i wanna talk about time. Time is the valuable thing in life. It's like a gold. As a human we have time for work, rest, entertainment & so on. We all have our own time.

We need to manage our time so that we can do things on time. Oke i know there are so many 'time' words. Because the post title is TIME. Pfft!

Me, as a worker not a student anymore couldn't manage my time at all. I work shift & sometimes i've to work over time. When i finish my work, i'll go back & sleep because it really makes me tired. Dead tired.

I really don't have time for my own self. I should pamper myself sometimes but really, i don't know when. It's sad to know that i'm not hanging out with my friends anymore like i used to. Damn i really miss my old time when i was in college!

Please let me know how can i manage my time so i could be like the old me. I miss the old me so bad! :(


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey You! You Should Read This!

hello readers & stalkers,

entry kali neh aku na cerita pasal seorang lelaki yang aku anggap dia kawan selama neh but it turns to be like we are stranger. aku kenal dia pun baru 2 months macam tu kot. lebih kurang la. so ada la tegur tegur, gurau gurau, borak borak, lepak minum sama sama. tapi tu dulu. sekarang aku tatau apa masalah dia dan aku rasa aku tada buat apa apa yang menyakitkan hati dia intentionally.

tatau la pulak kan kalau aku ada kata apa apa yang buat dia bengang dengan aku. or aku ada pukul dia ke tampar dia ke kan. tapi aku rasa memang tada. maybe kalau ada pun it's just gurau and it was not my intention na buat macam tu. sometimes, as a normal human, kita buat benda bukan sengaja. like i said before, how i wish i could read people's mind but i couldn't.

for me, kalau orang ta boleh terima cara aku, ta suka cara aku bergurau, aku neh jahat sangat macam aku pernah bunuh orang or hati kau tu sensitive sangat macam pondan, just say it straight to my face. jangan jadi budak budak, tana tegur apa semua. mintak tolong pun ta ikhlas na tolong. kau lepak dengan kawan aku and aku na datang lepak sekali pun kau macam bagus, tana tegok muka aku. come on la, don't be so childish. kau tu lelaki. kalau perempuan aku boleh terima lagi.

fyi, aku ta kesah la ta kawan dengan kau. ta mati pun ta kawan dengan kau. ramai lagi kawan kawan aku yang lagi bagus. but please, in work place, be professional. aku tatau apa masalah kau dengan aku, so what can i say, just fuck off. seriously, aku ta marah langsung but aku rasa annoying bila kau buat macam tu. heh. please la, ta luak la kau ta tegur aku. pfft!

p/s : jangan terasa apa aku cakap, it's my blog and this is my personal thing.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Wishlist # 3


need this and a must have!
before i continue my degree next year

someone gonna buy me this?


Wishlist # 2


i think this is the sexiest car in the world
turn on!
my dream car
wanna have this car after i get married