Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Eid Ul Adha

26th October 2012

Happy Eid Ul Adha to all Muslims
May this Eid brings you more happiness and joyful
Enjoy your Eid with your beloved family and friends

God bless you guys !

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Words Can Change Human Perceptions

watch this video
i love to watch it many times

i realized every words that we write or say
will change the others perception
even though it is good or bad
choose wise words to communicate with others
so that others wont judge you



pertemuan kali pertama
semua cantik di mata
semua sempurna
tiada cacat cela
tersilap sedikit
tiada teguran
kerana semua baik belaka

pertemuan seterusnya
hanya salah yang nampak di mata
baik bagaimana
semua buruk sahaja
tiada sedikit sempurna
kerana sudah nampak siapa sebenarnya

pertemuan kali terakhir
tiada lagi yang benar
hanya tipu belaka
salah silap sudah tidak terkira
yang sempurna hilang sekelip sahaja
kerana benci sudah ada di hati

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crazy Us

these pictures were taken last week
while we were waiting for our movie
we watched Sinister and it was awesome!
i give 3.5/5 stars

these two crazy girls are my best girlfriends ever
the left one is Kemal & the right one is Amoy
we love spending time together 
and do crazy things especially camwhoring
that is our favorite! 

hope this friendship will last forever
 ♥ you Girlfriends!

Hello Back!

Hello Guys!
it's been a long time since my last update
yeah almost 5 months

actually i've been busy with life
it's about work, family, friends and relationship
seriously i've learned a lot of things now
i'm getting older and older
so my skill of writing maybe kinda sucks

trying to give more time on blogging
i hope there are people who's still love reading my blog
i'm not famous but maybe some of you like the way i'm writing
*wink wink*

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Miss You

27th May 2012 - 27th June 2012
Dear Grandma,

Hey it's been 1 month u left us. we miss u. so much.we still can feel that u are here with us. we can feel your presence.we can hear your voice. we can feel your touch. touch of your soft hands. we can see u smile. 

I'm glad i can feel all that even u are far away from me and won't come back here. I dream about u few days ago. before i sleep, i did pray to Allah that i wanted to see u in my dream because i miss u so much. In that dream, i wanted u to touch my head and hand, and smile at me saying that u are fine and love me. so yeah, i got that. i met u in my dream. i was so happy when i woke up that morning. Thanks to Allah.

Whatever happened, i always pray for u. i pray that u will be happy up there, meeting my late grandpa. i know u are happy because the last time i saw u, u were smiling. same like the photo above. i'm so glad.

before i finish my last word, i wanna say thanks to u for taking care of me since i was a lil girl. thanks for being there when i'm sad. i'm a lil bit sad because u can't see me getting married. it's oke, i know u can see that from above. i always love u and i miss u so bad. 

                                                                                                                                                                              Always Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                                            Nadirah Razak

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Overview

how i wish this camera is REAL!
i will buy it no matter how much the price
pretty cool huh?
make it real please!
come on!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

She Got What She Wanted

Date : 22nd April 2012
Venue : Tribalworks Body Tattoo Studio, Sg Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang

Yeah she got her very own tattoos
it's not one but two tattoos!
one on her right shoulder
and one more on her finger

i'm glad i was there accompanied her to do her first tattoos
she asked me to come to KL just to accompany her
so i came with my bf and my friends
that's what best friend for right?
i love her so i came there just to see her doing her tattoos

she was so nervous when we reached the place
but yet she was so excited
me either!
so i was there taking her pictures and videos
she was sooooo cute with her 'screaming' face

so yeah finally she got the tattoos
she's very happy with it
and yeah the tattoos really nice and cool!

tell u the meaning of her tattoos :
on her shoulder : it's in roman number (14.05.2003) - date when her late grandpa passed away
on her finger : MY - Malaysia

Thank You Love

i got my very own ELMO
i've 3 ELMOs now
small, medium and large

i'm the happiest girl in the world when i got this from my BF
thanks Mr Azan for these ELMOs
now i can sleep with my baby ELMO
and u know what?
i bring the medium ELMO in my handbag
so it will follows me everywhere i go
over acting huh?

p/s : iloveyou :*

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hati & Mata

pertanyaan rumit bermain di kepala
seberapa rumit aku tidak pasti
yang aku tahu, sangat menyakitkan kepala

mengapa perlu ada perasaan begini bila semua bahagia?
kadang kala hati jadi musykil
pertanyaan dari hati menyemakkan kepala
itu ini soalan tidak boleh dijawab sendiri

kalau aku boleh singgah di hati manusia
sudah pasti aku korek isi hatinya dalam dalam
biar semua di hati dia terbongkar

kalau aku boleh usik mata manusia
pasti aku belek elok elok apa yang tertulis di mata dia
biar semua tertulis di mata dia dapat aku baca


Monday, April 16, 2012

Elmo My Soulmate

i want this cute Elmo please
to be my soulmate forever
the BIG one!

i want to talk to Elmo if I've problem
i want to cry on Elmo's shoulder if I'm sad
i want to share my happiness and sadness with Elmo
because Elmo seems so cute and funny
i can be happy if i see Elmo's face

p/s : i'm so addicted to Elmo and i love elmo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

She's Awesome!

i wonder how she could rapping with only one breath?
she did great cover for this song
i think she's better than the original singer


click below link for more covers by Karmin :

*ignore her face*

My Birthday Wishlist #1

if someone ask me :
what do i want on my birthday this year?

i will answer :
50 colourful helium gas balloons like the above pictures!

i know it's kinda weird but i just want it
especially like the second picture
so cute!
and it's my favorite colour!

i can't imagine if i get the balloons
maybe i'll faint for 20 seconds

i wish i will get it
if not, i'll buy it for myself

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have A Blast, Ungir!

Name : Grob B Bernardino
Age : 22 Years Old
From : Taytay Rizal, Philipphines

Date Of Birth : 8th March 1990


he's the best trainee in our hotel
he's funny, annoying and sometimes irritating
but everybody love him!
he has been in Malaysia for about 6months
he left Malaysia on 25th February 2011

so yeah today is his birthday and he's not here with the FO TEAM
i wish we could celebrate his birthday here in Malaysia

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bagi aku semua manusia bertopeng
Mereka tutup segala yang buruk di luaran mereka
Cuma satu, hati mereka yang tidak boleh ditutup, disorok
Manusia yang aku percaya 100% selama ni menipu aku selama aku dengan dia

Mustahil dia tiba tiba ada pengganti kerana pengganti itu tidak pernah aku dengar namanya

Apa yang aku ingin kata kan mungkin selama ini dia bermain di belakang aku. Ya, manusia yang aku anggap bukan kaki perempuan, membuktikan dirinya itu salah seorang dari manusia jenis itu

Keputusan yang aku buat selama ini memang tepat. Melepaskan sesuatu yang aku percaya selama ini tetapi itu semua topeng, muslihat. Tidak silap dan tidah pernah menyesal dengan keputusan aku itu.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Believe Me, Believe In Myself

nobody could see the truth
but heart does
the eyes does too

people don't know the truth
because they couldn't see what's in your heart
they will believe the lips that speak up craps
so they know the truth from that

i, the normal human
believe in myself
only me and God know the truth
i don't care if people wanna trust others
but not me

only me, God and people who close to me
know the truth

Monday, January 30, 2012

They Are My Life, My Soul


they're my life
my soul
happy knowing them & be a part of them

they will be there if you're sad or happy
you can share everything with them
even i knew them for only a few months
but they treat me like their family

i'm happy working with them
such a good friends even some of them are my bosses
they'e cool man!


Friday, January 6, 2012

GTH Fucking Stalkers!

Dear fucking stalkers,

Can u please stay away from my blog? Are you fucking retard stalking my blog and laugh about whatever in it?

Hey please you're not good in writing or whatever u post in your fucking blog at all. I don't even stalk your blog because i know it's kinda stupid compared to mine. Haha.

Please behave like an adult because you're not a teenager! You're fucking childish u know that? Pfft! You have a stupid brain don't u know that?

Stop stalking my blog idiot!