Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 7

to be honest, i really don't like reading
but i've tried it
not bad
and i bought 3 vampire's novel
the thing is, i don't have time to read it
what a shame -.-"

currently i read this novel :

and and i've another 2 novels
i don't know when i will read it
maybe someday when i've time

it's oke if i haven't finish those novels
i will read it when i'm free
sometimes reading is fun
but not when there's a distraction


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


i really miss hanging out with you guys
i miss that moment we went to malacca just to eat fried rice
crazy enough huh?
i miss that moment we went for a movie
ouhh i can't remember what movie -.-"
whatever it is


Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011


ever heard about two-faced people?
i'm sure that u have met this kinda people once
this type of people really really mean for me
and and they're dangerous
for GOD sake!

this type of people will :
pretend that they're GOOD in front of u
pretend that they are INNOCENT
pretend that they're LOVELY
pretend that they're CARING/LOVING
pretend that they're really like u
pretend that they're always agreed what u like
pretend that they can be a good friend of u

but actually they are :
smiling and laughing behind u when u have a problem
wanna know about u so that they can talk behind u
will tell something BAD about u to everyone

how to deal with this kinda people?
avoid personal topics
refrain from sharing too much information about yourself
limit conversation to neutral topics
ignore them
avoid them
stay away from them
don't be too nice to them
avoid hanging out with them

so, i guess u know how to differentiate good and bad people
be careful because if you close to them, u will regret
trust me because i was going through it for so many times
i was such a nice person to them but later on, they talked bad about me
people with this two-faced, really don't know how to appreciate others
they're really don't give a damn about others feeling
so what are u waiting for?
just slap them in the face!


A Story About Life

one day, a RICH father took his son on a trip.
he wanted to show his son how POOR someone can be.
they spent time on the farm of a POOR family.
on the way home, father asked :

father :
did you see how poor they are? what did you learn?

son :
we have a pool, they have rivers,
we have lanterns at night, they have stars.
we buy foods, they grow theirs.
we have walls to protect us, they have friends.
we have encyclopedias, they have Quran.
thanks dad for showing me how POOR we are.

it's not about money that makes us RICH
it's about simplicity and having ALLAH in our lives



manusia punya hati yang berbeza
manusia punya zahir yang berbeza
manusia punya kesilapan yang berbeza
manusia punya akal dan fikiran yang berbeza

kita tidak boleh samakan semua manusia dengan manusia lain
jika manusia tidak pernah buat kesilapan
jangan dipanggil manusia
kerana manusia bukanlah sempurna

jika ada manusia yang melakukan kesilapan
dia perlu meminta maaf
dan manusia lain perlu memaafkan
kerana itu yang terbaik untuk setiap manusia

aku juga manusia
manusia biasa yang melakukan kesilapan
tetapi jangan hukum aku kerana aku lemah
aku tidak mampu menanggung semua kesilapan aku terhadap manusia lain

aku ungkapkan kata maaf di sini
kerana aku tidak mahu manusia menjadi musuh aku
manusia manusia di alam ini adalah sahabat aku
kerana musuh aku hanya yang satu itu


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Layout

yeah just changed my layout
i love it
because it's PINK!
i hope you guys like it


Take Back My Heart

the tears keep falling down
because i can feel the pain inside my chest
i can't stand this anymore
i need somebody to be right beside me
i feel so numb
i feel so down

God, if u hear me
i'm begging u
please, take back my heart
so that i can't feel anything
i give up



ketika saat kita mempunyai masalah, ramai yang hulurkan tangan memberi bantuan. dan ada juga yang tidak hiraukan kita. menceritakan masalah kepada orang yang salah, memang menyakitkan hati. bukan saja bantuan tidak diberikan, malah dimarahinya pula. kalau kita di tempat itu, apa yang kita rasa? pedih di hati, ta payah cakap. sakit bagai dicucuk dengan pisau tajam.

ada yang mahu menghulurkan tangan, bantu. orang itulah yang kita tidak ceritakan masalah kita kepada dia. rasa malu pun ada. serba salah bila ta beritahu dia apa masalah kita. tapi bila seseorang itu tidak menceritakan masalah dia kepada orang tertentu, bererti dia tidak mahu menyusahkan orang itu. kata orang, bukan senang na balas budi baik orang lain.

kadang kadang kita perlu fikir, ta semua masalah kita perlu cerita kepada orang lain. bukan apa, malas mahu meminta simpati. kita perlu tau bagaimana mahu menyelesaikan masalah sendiri. bukan semua benda perlu mengharap bantuan orang lain. sebagai manusia normal, kita dikurniakan dua tangan, dua kaki, dua mata, hidung dan mulut. cuba fikir apa kita boleh buat dengan kurniaan itu semua untuk menyelesaikan masalah?


Monday, March 21, 2011


Jealousy has
Frightening eyes
Jealousy has
Grinding teeth
Jealousy has
A cunning face

Jealousy can live
Without a mind
Without a heart
Without a soul
Even without God

Human jealousy
And divine Ecstasy
Are eternal strangers

Is an aggressive boxer
A repulsive dancer
A hopeless singer
And a useless storyteller

Before you entered
Into my life
I was the world's
Richest princess
Now that you are in me
And I am for you
I have become
The poorest street-beggar

You are my constant
You are my constant

Shortest is the distance
From jealousy to hell

You are your own


Day 6

oke let me tell u this
i couldn't give one musician/band
because i've two musician/band that i like the most
i love them so much because i think they're talented
and and i never get bored with them
so whatever, i give two oke?


i think she's so talented
for me, she has a nice voice
she's a good song writer too
most of her songs are written by herself
the music and the lyrics just suit my soul
i became her fan since her 'complicated' song until now
never bored with her songs
ouh and and she knows how to play guitar, piano and drums
so i guess, she's the first musician that i think important to me
because she's talented and still young

wanna see how talented she is?
watch this :


talking about band, yeah this is the best band for me
Amy Lee and her band is awesome!
i never think their songs are weird or something
yeah, most of my friends doesn't like their songs
because the music
their songs are like 'ghost' and 'haunted' songs
but i still like them from their first song 'bring me to life'
Amy Lee also has a good voice, her high and low pitch just awesome
and she plays piano very well!
so i think this band is important to me
because they bring the different kind of songs
i mean the music and the lyrics
i love their lyrics because it is more likely to literature
not direct lyrics and u have to listen again and again to understand it

wanna see how good they are?
watch this :


Hot Air Balloons Carnival 2011

i went last saturday with my friends. last minute plan. it was a boring day because that weekend i've no plan. yeah, my BFF, amoy, wasn't in PD. she went to singapore. so i followed my other friends to the carnival. it was a tiring day but i had fun with them.

the best part is i've to drive my car back to PD form Seremban 2. and and u know what? i supposed to used Johor Bahru highway to PD from Seremban 2, but i was like blur and i used the KL highway. yeah, awesome right? so, i've to drive all the way to Nilai from Seremban because Nilai is the nearest exit. and i was alone that time and it was like 12.30am! for God sake, i drove about 150km/h on the highway and i reached my house around 1.10am. haha. whatever! enjoy my pic :)

for more pictures, view my FACEBOOK ;)


Sunday, March 20, 2011


at first, i didn't know that LOMO has so many types of camera. until yesterday, one of my friend told me about this LOMO camera and its function. every type of LOMO has their own fucntion. and my friend told me the quality of the photo is superb and awesome. and the price is not pricey at all. the price range is about RM300 and above. i was thinking about buying a DSLR camera but after i know about this LOMO, i fall in love. here, 3 types of LOMO that i think i want. haha.


click HERE to know about DIANA F+

click HERE to know about OKTOMAT

click HERE to know about SPINNER 360°

there's many types of LOMO available. and i couldn't type all their names here. i only fall in love with these 3 types of LOMO above. if u wanna know more about LOMO camera, u can go here - LOMOGRAPHY

so, say no to DSLR, and hi LOMOGRAPHY. u just made me crazy about u my dear LOMO. if i got this, i'm the happiest girl in the world. hehe.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


how polite i can be to you?
how nice i can treat you?
will i respect you?
will i give my hand when you need my help?
do i bitch about you?
do i care about you?
will i love you like the others?
will i be a good friend to you?

don't have to anwer all this bull shit

have the answer


Day 5


why here?
because i think the place is cool
like everything is legal there
i'm not talking about the weed or sex museum
i just wanna go there


look at the beach
i'm the kinda person who doesn't like beach
but when i look at this, damn!
i'm speechless
it's like i can release my stress when i look at it
can imagine if i go there, the wind, the ocean
man ouh man!


for sure because of the pyramid
and the place, i think it's different from the other places
its' kinda unique though
and i wanna see the camel


i love shopping so much
so i guess NYC is the best place to shop
and loads of entertainment
how i wish i can pampered myself
by shopping and having fun here
i dream a lot man!


rome colloseum
it's beautiful
i wanna see it with my own eyes how beautiful it is
and maybe some other places here are nice
not only the colloseum
but the main attraction in Rome is this colloseum

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 4

and this is my Tumblr
u can see i named my page as Neddy's right?
the meaning behind my Tumblr name?
it's only my name man!
it's just like, my thing, my page
so i named it Neddy's
same goes to my blog it's also Neddy's
i just love my nickname
and i think Neddy's is the simple name for my Tumblr
it's cool huh?

so, what are u waiting for guys?
follow me on Tumblr oke?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


this is one of my favorite
when someone plays with my hair
this is so sweet
when someone doing this
i feel like he loves me and cares about me so muchhhh
u have no idea when this happens to u
i bet, u will melt
for god sake, i miss this so much
please let it happens soon
i want!


Day 3

oke let's talk about today
March 15th, 2011
i guess nothing much happened today
i went to class ( E-commerce class) & i walked to class all alone
was calling Yong to go to class together and he said wait for him
because he just woke up
and almost 10minutes i was waiting for him
then i received a text from him saying that he don't wannna go to class
oke, that's just great (thanks to Yong)
and then i walked to class alone
and guess what? it was a boring class ever!
class finished and then lunch with Ed and Ben

after lunch, i went home
online ( facebook, twitter & blog )
then, i slept about 3hours plus ( from 5pm-8.30pm)
yeah, i'm a sleepyhead
i love sleeping so much
tell me about it!
i woke up and called Ben for dinner
i had my dinner with Adila and Ben
after that, we went to Trickshot
trickshot is a place where u can play pool and foosbal
yeah, we played pool and foosbal

now, here i am
updating my 'Day 3' entry
nothing much for today
yeah, life as a student
especially when you're in a place of less entertainment
nothing u can do
i think u guys can guess what am i doing every day
classes, online, eat, sleep
lifeless enough huh?


Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 2

my favorite stuffs ( Blackberry, perfumes, flip flops, wrist watch )
long hair / brown eyes
butter chicken
Avril Lavigne /Paris Hilton
I-pad / DSLR
my boyfriend's smile
happiness ( credit to my family, BFF & boyfriend )
social network ( facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr )

cockroach / snake
hot weather
liar / back-stabber
drug addicts
internet connection sucks
no money
my Exes and their gf (pfft!)
whoever who loves to ruin my life


Day 1

my full name is Nur Nadirah Binti Abd Razak
my friends call me Ned or Neddy
21 years old
Business Administration student in INTI International University, Nilai
i'm from Port Dickson
i love pink and purple like so much
complicated, moody, friendly, talkative, funny, easy-going, lame, annoying,
sensitive, laugh out loud, crazy, sleepyhead
in a relationship

enough said
wanna know more, just ask me
i won't bite


Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge

this one kinda cool huh?
i shall do it all
i will
if i've time i'll do it



currently i'm learning something that i don't expect that i would do. it's cooking! yeah my mum never asked me to cook neither my dad. since i was small, mum is the only person in my house that cook for our family. until now, i realized that i need to know how to cook for i'm 21 years old this year. sometimes i just don't have confident in cooking. but yeah, now i have a lil bit of that confident. i've cooked and baked some foods. here some pictures i wanna share with u guys.

vanilla cupcakes

choc chips vanilla muffin

bread butter pudding

butter chicken

batik cake

i promised to myself that i'll be a good cooker in the future. i still have a lot of things to learn in cooking. and i still have times to learn all this. thanks to mum because she's the one that teach me how to cook. hope i can be a PRO cooker. pfft!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Listen To Me

listen to me
remember the time we were together
you were being my shelter
you always wipe my tears

but that was years ago
you were letting me go
you left me all alone
without any reason

i cry out my tears
i scream out loud
but you will never listen
what is this thing all about?

and then you told me
that you have to leave
there's a reason
you can't tell me
but i will know someday

listen to me
now i can smile
with another guy
because now i know the reason why


Thursday, March 10, 2011


mesti semua orang pernah menipu kan? tipulah kalau ta pernah menipu. bagi aku, manusia menipu bersebab. ada beberapa sebab manusia menipu. antaranya ialah :
  1. sebab na jaga hati orang
  2. sebab memang suka menipu
  3. sebab tana orang tahu apa yang dia buat (konon innocent)
  4. sebab na tunjuk diri dia bagus di mata orang lain
  5. sebab na selamatkan diri
sebab 1 :
ini alasan yang paling common sekali. lebih lebih lagi bagi pasangan yang bercinta. menipu sebab na jaga hati pasangan mereka. contoh situasi ialah bila si A na keluar dengan orang lain, tapi ta beritahu si B. sebab dia tahu si B ta suka si A ni keluar dengan orang lain. jadi, si A terpaksa menipu. kata tertidur la (alasan paling hangat), battery phone habis la. macam macam alasan. dia takut na beritahu si B sebab takut si B marah dan merajuk. jadi terpaksa la menipu.

sebab 2 :
ini memang ta boleh diubah. kalau perangai da suka menipu, memang ta boleh dimaafkan. orang macam ni kalau ta menipu, ta sah. ta boleh hidup agaknye kalau ta menipu. agaknye badan rasa gatal gatal kot kalau ta menipu. orang macam ni, kita boleh tau dia menipu. sebab kadang kadang kalau dia menipu, memang ta logik langsung.

sebab 3 :
oke la aku bagi contoh senang. sebab menipu ni selalu digunakan untuk menipu mak bapak. yela, siapa tana nampak perfect depan mata mak bapak kan? so, kalau na buat jahat, terpaksa menipu. kalau dulu masa sekolah, na pergi dating, beritahu mak bapak na pergi tuisyen la kelas tambahan la. padahal na berdating dengan si kekasih. sangguplah ponteng tuisyen.

sebab 4 :
orang macam ni kita boleh gelar 'macam bagus' atau pun 'lansi'. aku ada kawan yang ta berapa na kaya. tapi sanggup menipu orang kata diri dia kaya. kata ada ini la, itu la. kira cerita dengan orang tana kalah la. kata bapak business berjuta juta. pakai kereta yang paling mahal dekat dunia. ada yang sanggup mengaku keluarga orang lain (yang kaya) tu, keluarga dia. perlu ke menipu weyh?

sebab 5 :
contoh situasi. si A ajak si B ni lepak sebab da lama ta jumpa dan susah na jumpa. jadi si B berbelah bagi sebab dia da janji dengan si C na lepak sama sama. jadi, si B menipu si A kata ada hal la, mak sakit la, atuk mati la sebab ta boleh na lepak dengan si A. padahal dia da janji dengan si C. so, na selamatkan diri, dia bagi macam macam alasan dekat si A. terpaksa menipu sebab na selamatkan diri.

konklusinya, aku rasa semua orang pernah menipu. cuma sebab sebabnya yang berbeza. tapi, sampai bila kita harus hidup dalam penipuan? susah ke na jadi jujur? orang kata, 'biarlah orang marah kerana kita jujur, bukan marah kerana kita menipu'. sebab sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. sekali kau menipu, sampai bila bila orang susah na percaya kau.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


kata orang, cinta itu buta. betul ke? kalau betul, kenapa perlu jadi buta sebab cinta? maksud cinta itu buta, bagi aku ialah, manusia sanggup buat apa sahaja untuk pasangan mereka. ta kiralah baik ke buruk mana pun pasangan mereka tu, diorang ta kisah pun apa orang kata. janji mereka tau, mereka sayang pada pasangan mereka tu. ye, memang betul. tapi perlu ke jadi buta kalau pasangan mereka tu main kayu tiga depan mata, kikis duit ta ingat dunia, ta menghargai cinta yang mereka bagi? paling teruk bila da kena sepak terajang dengan pasangan sendiri. cinta kah itu?

apa yang perlu ada pada cinta ialah kasih sayang dari hati. kalau da sampai sepak terajang, mengikis, main kayu tiga, adakah sayang di hati itu? boleh nampak dan fikir kan? jangan jadi bodoh sebab mencintai orang yang ta tahu na sayang kita. buang masa and that's just bull shit!

kita diberi akal untuk berfikir. kalau setakat ada akal, tapi ta tahu beza mana baik buruk, baik buang saja otak yang ada tu. jadi, sebelum na bercinta tu, fikir balik apa definisi cinta. orang ta wujudkan perkataan cinta tu kalau tiada makna yang mendalam. belajar dari kesilapan. tipula kalau ta pernah bercinta langsung kan? jadi diri sendiri dan itu yang terbaik.


Goodbye Lullaby

9th March 2011
Avril Lavigne new album Goodbye Lullaby out today!

just downloaded all her songs from this album
all i can say is most of her songs in this album are awesome
and i guess maybe the songs for her ex-husband
because the lyrics man!
check her songs out and you won't regret
the lyrics and the music are good
stab me if they're not!

i'm her die hard fan fyi :D

p/s : thanks Mel for downloaded it for me ;)


Avril Lavigne - I Love You

lala, lalalala, lala, lalala

I like your smile
I like your vibe
I like your style
But that's not why I love you
And I, I like the way, you're such a star
But that's not why I love you, hey

Do you feel, do you feel me, do you feel what I feel too
Do you need, do you need me, do you need me-e-e

You're so beautiful
But that's not why I love you
I'm not sure you know
That the reason I love you, is you
Being you, just you
Yea the reason I love you
Is all that we've been through
And that's why I love you

lala, lalalala, lala, lalala

I like the way you misbehave
When we get wasted
But that's not why I love you
And how you keep your cool when I am complicated
But that's not why I love you, hey


ohhhh, ohhhh

Even though we didn't make it through
I am always here for you

la la, la la la la (oh ohhh)
la la, la la la la (that's why I love you)
la la, la la la la (oh ohhh)
la la, la la la la (that's why I love you)

p/s : i love you ;)