Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3

oke let's talk about today
March 15th, 2011
i guess nothing much happened today
i went to class ( E-commerce class) & i walked to class all alone
was calling Yong to go to class together and he said wait for him
because he just woke up
and almost 10minutes i was waiting for him
then i received a text from him saying that he don't wannna go to class
oke, that's just great (thanks to Yong)
and then i walked to class alone
and guess what? it was a boring class ever!
class finished and then lunch with Ed and Ben

after lunch, i went home
online ( facebook, twitter & blog )
then, i slept about 3hours plus ( from 5pm-8.30pm)
yeah, i'm a sleepyhead
i love sleeping so much
tell me about it!
i woke up and called Ben for dinner
i had my dinner with Adila and Ben
after that, we went to Trickshot
trickshot is a place where u can play pool and foosbal
yeah, we played pool and foosbal

now, here i am
updating my 'Day 3' entry
nothing much for today
yeah, life as a student
especially when you're in a place of less entertainment
nothing u can do
i think u guys can guess what am i doing every day
classes, online, eat, sleep
lifeless enough huh?



Inspirationalefeks said...

OHhh day 3 :) hehehe u chinese?

Neddy Razak said...

inspirational : no. i'm not. whyyy?