Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Starts of March

i went to college from PD to Nilai. the best part was i used the highway because i was afraid that i will be late to class. i paid the RM3.50 toll. i gave the toll guy RM10.50. and without noticed the balance, i just drove my car right after the gate was opened. i saw from the side mirror, the toll guy just about want to give me back my balance. i was like 'what the fuck?'. i forgot to take my balance and obviously i couldn't reverse my car because i just passed the gate and there was another car behind me. great huh? for the first time in my life, i forgot to take the balance. rich enough? hell no!

i can buy two meals with that RM7! i just donated that money to the toll guy. lucky u man! so, lesson for today :
  • get the TOUCH & GO or SMART TAG
  • never ever use highway from PD to Nilai
  • leave PD one hour early before class
  • never think about something else while you're paying the toll
  • have breakfast before leave PD
by the way, thanks a lot Mr March for treating me like this. iloveyou.


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