Sunday, March 20, 2011


at first, i didn't know that LOMO has so many types of camera. until yesterday, one of my friend told me about this LOMO camera and its function. every type of LOMO has their own fucntion. and my friend told me the quality of the photo is superb and awesome. and the price is not pricey at all. the price range is about RM300 and above. i was thinking about buying a DSLR camera but after i know about this LOMO, i fall in love. here, 3 types of LOMO that i think i want. haha.


click HERE to know about DIANA F+

click HERE to know about OKTOMAT

click HERE to know about SPINNER 360°

there's many types of LOMO available. and i couldn't type all their names here. i only fall in love with these 3 types of LOMO above. if u wanna know more about LOMO camera, u can go here - LOMOGRAPHY

so, say no to DSLR, and hi LOMOGRAPHY. u just made me crazy about u my dear LOMO. if i got this, i'm the happiest girl in the world. hehe.



caca said...

Ca suka giler LOMO! and Ca dengar ade LOMO just rm32 only!! Lomo ni sgt lah comel dan antik! ;)

Neddy Razak said...

caca : yeah. that one maybe mini punya. the small one. jum beli!

NatasyaBellamy said...

pentiru!! heheh. yeah2. ade gang! we share same hobby after this! iloveyou la nedned!

Neddy Razak said...

tasya : i didnt know u love lomo. hehe. i will get it soon. lets lomography together sayang! ilyt :*

NatasyaBellamy said...

yeah2. amoy mcm tak minat lomo. leceh kate dia. tp saya suka! eh eh, ali pun minat lomo taw. plan nak beli sama2 dgn dia! yeahh. ;)

Neddy Razak said...

tasya : great!!! nanti kita jadi gang lomo. hehe. okela tu 3orang pakai. hehehe.