Friday, March 25, 2011


ever heard about two-faced people?
i'm sure that u have met this kinda people once
this type of people really really mean for me
and and they're dangerous
for GOD sake!

this type of people will :
pretend that they're GOOD in front of u
pretend that they are INNOCENT
pretend that they're LOVELY
pretend that they're CARING/LOVING
pretend that they're really like u
pretend that they're always agreed what u like
pretend that they can be a good friend of u

but actually they are :
smiling and laughing behind u when u have a problem
wanna know about u so that they can talk behind u
will tell something BAD about u to everyone

how to deal with this kinda people?
avoid personal topics
refrain from sharing too much information about yourself
limit conversation to neutral topics
ignore them
avoid them
stay away from them
don't be too nice to them
avoid hanging out with them

so, i guess u know how to differentiate good and bad people
be careful because if you close to them, u will regret
trust me because i was going through it for so many times
i was such a nice person to them but later on, they talked bad about me
people with this two-faced, really don't know how to appreciate others
they're really don't give a damn about others feeling
so what are u waiting for?
just slap them in the face!



Inspirationalefeks said...

yeah, you're right! :)

Neddy Razak said...

inspirational : so be careful with those people. they're wearing a mask :)

nuyuin said...

thanx for avoiding tips..
lama carik..hee

Neddy Razak said...

nuyuin : hehe. no biggie. avoid oe orang camni. bahaya!