Monday, December 12, 2011

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri (cover)

oke i know this is too much
i just bored


recorded using my iphone

Friday, December 9, 2011


the eyes never lie

look into the eyes
you will see everything inside
the truths and the lies

every words come out from the lips
hard to trust

just look in the eyes

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jason Chen

i'm totally in love with his voice


music never sleep


truly, deeply, madly in LOVE


There Is A Time

there is a time
a time that i'm alone
crying my tears out

there is a time
when my brain has so many things inside
i could cry but i couldn't

there is a time
i suddenly cry
and keep crying
without any reason
it just happened

there is a time
i lost my mind
i couldn't think
i couldn't tell anyone

there is a time
i'm down
no one could help me
no one knows

it is just me
i lost myself
where am i?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wishlist # 4

yeah i'm addicted to Apple now
gonna get this instead of Ipad
because i already have Iphone4
so no need to get the Ipad

lappy is more important now!
i need new lappy
this one!


this is just a short update

i really love my life so far
i've my family, friends and bf
i have them when i need them

but deep in my heart
down in it
i feel like i'm missing something

i always thinking and keep thinking
what should i do?
i mean my life
what i want in my life?

i really want to study next year
i swear
but i just think that it won't happen
and i don't know why

what should i do now?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


people might think sometimes i'm being selfish, heartless, mad or angry. but nobody could see what's inside me. how i feel? how i should react? how am i gonna pretend that's nothing happened? i'm just a normal human who live this life like the others.

i can't be the person that others wanted me to be. i'm just being myself. i'm being the person that i wanted to be. not others. it's not everyday or every minute i'm being that bad. it's just sometimes. the time when i'm stress, tired of working, sick of other people.

what do u really expect from me? u expected that i will always smile, laugh till my tears fall down, being crazy all the time? nah, that's not human being. we all have feelings. we have mixed up feelings sometimes. and that's why we being mad or angry.

oke why people never see when we're being nice or good? when we care about them? when we love them more than ourselves? when we lend our ears to listen to their problems? when they need our hand to help them? because people always forget whatever others did to them especially when it's the good thing. they never appreciate us.

but when we sometimes did something bad for instant we being moody or angry, they will say that we have no heart. we are bad. something like that. isn't that normal? it's normal. like i said, we all have feelings. we smile, we laugh, we cry, we mad, we stress.

one thing i wanna highlight. please do understand for what people do, act or say. they might be more worst if u don't understand them. and please, do remember and appreciate what they did. don't see the bad side of them because i think they did more good things than bad one. always remember and appreciate the person u care and love.


There'll Be No Sunlight If I Lose You Baby

the saddest song i ever heard from Bruno Mars
i think this is my favorite song for now
i wish i had a bf like him
sweet, romantic and loving
that's what i see from him from his song

loveyou BM!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Paris Hilton

Oke i'm so addicted & in love with her brand. Too much. When i was in school i loved Guess like hell but unfortunately, the quality of their stuff dissapointed me. I bought handbags & watches but the handbags ouhh gosh! I can't use the bags anymore.

Salute to Paris Hilton's! Quality, the best. Price, affordable. Stuff, nice & trendy. I just love the brand! Gonna get the handbag soon!


Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello readers & stalkers!

Here i wanna talk about time. Time is the valuable thing in life. It's like a gold. As a human we have time for work, rest, entertainment & so on. We all have our own time.

We need to manage our time so that we can do things on time. Oke i know there are so many 'time' words. Because the post title is TIME. Pfft!

Me, as a worker not a student anymore couldn't manage my time at all. I work shift & sometimes i've to work over time. When i finish my work, i'll go back & sleep because it really makes me tired. Dead tired.

I really don't have time for my own self. I should pamper myself sometimes but really, i don't know when. It's sad to know that i'm not hanging out with my friends anymore like i used to. Damn i really miss my old time when i was in college!

Please let me know how can i manage my time so i could be like the old me. I miss the old me so bad! :(


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey You! You Should Read This!

hello readers & stalkers,

entry kali neh aku na cerita pasal seorang lelaki yang aku anggap dia kawan selama neh but it turns to be like we are stranger. aku kenal dia pun baru 2 months macam tu kot. lebih kurang la. so ada la tegur tegur, gurau gurau, borak borak, lepak minum sama sama. tapi tu dulu. sekarang aku tatau apa masalah dia dan aku rasa aku tada buat apa apa yang menyakitkan hati dia intentionally.

tatau la pulak kan kalau aku ada kata apa apa yang buat dia bengang dengan aku. or aku ada pukul dia ke tampar dia ke kan. tapi aku rasa memang tada. maybe kalau ada pun it's just gurau and it was not my intention na buat macam tu. sometimes, as a normal human, kita buat benda bukan sengaja. like i said before, how i wish i could read people's mind but i couldn't.

for me, kalau orang ta boleh terima cara aku, ta suka cara aku bergurau, aku neh jahat sangat macam aku pernah bunuh orang or hati kau tu sensitive sangat macam pondan, just say it straight to my face. jangan jadi budak budak, tana tegur apa semua. mintak tolong pun ta ikhlas na tolong. kau lepak dengan kawan aku and aku na datang lepak sekali pun kau macam bagus, tana tegok muka aku. come on la, don't be so childish. kau tu lelaki. kalau perempuan aku boleh terima lagi.

fyi, aku ta kesah la ta kawan dengan kau. ta mati pun ta kawan dengan kau. ramai lagi kawan kawan aku yang lagi bagus. but please, in work place, be professional. aku tatau apa masalah kau dengan aku, so what can i say, just fuck off. seriously, aku ta marah langsung but aku rasa annoying bila kau buat macam tu. heh. please la, ta luak la kau ta tegur aku. pfft!

p/s : jangan terasa apa aku cakap, it's my blog and this is my personal thing.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Wishlist # 3


need this and a must have!
before i continue my degree next year

someone gonna buy me this?


Wishlist # 2


i think this is the sexiest car in the world
turn on!
my dream car
wanna have this car after i get married


Sunday, September 25, 2011

After Two Years

left : 19 years old
right : 21 years old

my hair is longer now
after 2 years i didn't chop it off
can't believe it's getting longer and longer
i won't ever ever chop it off

which one do u think suits me?
short or long?
i prefer long



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Night Shift

i already started working night shift on 20th September
my night shift will be until 26th September
from 11pm - 7am
this is my first time working at night

a lil bit

working alone with one Assistant Manager only
and and sometimes i got a phone call from the hotel room
the front office's phone will ringing calling from one of the rooms there
and i've to answer the call
when i picked up the phone
there's no one on the phone
what i heard was
"kirkkkk kirkkkk kirkkkk"
it was like the line was not oke
so what i did, i just hung up the phone
and i said to myself

scary right?
i just don't bother about that
i just need to finish my works
and have to think positive

hope everything's gonna be fine
Go Neddy!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh My McFlurry!

i didn't get my Tutti Frutti just now

this is because
when i'm on my way to Shah Alam
i bought this Milo McFlurry
the taste was so good!
you should try at least once
better than Oreo McFlurry
but the best McFlurry is Cornetto McFlurry!

i'm lovin' it


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yogurt Ice Cream

craving for this awesome yogurt ice cream
gonna get this later on
going to Shah Alam


click click :


Pretty Awesome!



they have their own style of singing
currently i love their voice so much
it's unique man!

did downloaded some of their songs in my playlist
gonna listen to their songs before i sleep



Wishlist # 1

gonna get one soon




dear readers, stalkers and haters,

this time, i'm writing this to apology u guys. there's nothing much i can do. whoever read this post, i hope right after u read this, it's zero-zero between us. it's really hard to know people who doesn't like u or really hate u because u can't read their's mind or heart. i wish, i could read their's mind.

frankly speaking, i know, many of u really hate me huh? but it doesn't matter because u never tell me what i did to u. but yeah, it's not fair if i don't apology u right? maybe not in front of u, but when u read this, at least u know that i really wanted to say sorry to u but i just can't.

lately, one of my colleague never ever talk to me anymore. i don't know what's wrong with us. maybe i did something wrong but i don't even know what was it. the other colleagues are really oke with me. we're cool but not with this one person. for u, i'm sorry if i did wrong or i'd hurt u with my words or whatever. maybe i did that unintentionally. sorry ya.

few months ago, i'd this friend. very closed. we spent our time together with my other friends. always. because we were in a long holiday break. i was studying that time. almost two months we guys were hanging out together. i mean with other friends too. but this person suddenly doesn't want to see me or hang out with me anymore. but other friends are cool. but yeah, maybe i did something wrong. i'm so sorry and i hope we can be friend again.

a year plus ago, i'd closed friend. a guy. we had happy time together, went to wherever we wanted, had delicious food and many things we did together. plus, he was a good guy. we were not more than a closed friend. it was like we were best friend. until one day, he didn't return my call or replied my text. yeah, same thing, i didn't know what i did wrong to him. i'm so sorry.

to my parents, family, boyfriend and friends,
i know sometimes i'm being selfish. always think about myself. never think about others. it's really hard to throw away my ego. all i wanted is just accept me for who i am. human isn't easy to change in a blink. it takes time to change. everyone have good and bad attitudes. so do i. i'm sorry for everything i did. sorry.


Saturday, September 17, 2011


yes, i've changed
yes, i'm childish
yes, i'm not care about you
yes, i'm not a good gf
yes, it's all my fault

yes, you just broke me hard inside

thank you


Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak


i swallow my pride and seek forgiveness
for all my wrong doings
intentionally or unintentionally
maaf zahir dan batin

every good wish for today and always
Eid Mubarak
Happy Independent Day Malaysia!


Sunday, August 21, 2011


tears won't easily fall down
when it falls down
there's must be something really hurt
something that hurt your heart
something that bleed your heart inside


Friday, August 19, 2011

F*** YOU

this is for u
the person who always stalks my blog
and stalks my life
the person who always leave a message at my CHATBOX in this blog
the person who always said i am 'minah rempit' and my EX was 'rempit'
poor u idiot
there's no more chatbox in my blog

know what?
you're just pathetic
and piece of shit
why you're so obsess with me?

someday, i'll know who u are
just wait till the time comes
that time, u will regret
and that time, i will laugh my lungs out

whatever u did and said to me at my chatbox
i don't even care man!
just wait idiot, just wait



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Please Mind Your Own Business

hello again. just got back from work. i've new story to tell u guys. what else? it's about another staff at my work place. heh. it's a guy again. i don't know why i'm sooooo famous among those guys who really love to know about me and really love to talk about me.

oke this guy known as D, i don't even know him in my life. i knew him since i was working at Lexis Port Dickson. i was deadly shocked when suddenly one of my colleague asked me something that i don't even like. then i said to her, where did she know about that. and she said this guy, D, told her. huh? i was like 'am i a singer or an actress or something?'. i'm so famous because i don't know that guy but he knows me so well huh.

and just now, when i was busy doing my work, he came to me and suddenly he asked me about my Ex. ehh? can u please shut up? that what was in my mind. hello? what are u? paparazzi? stalker? spy? i don't know u man! how many times i need to mention this? I DON'T KNOW U!

why this guy really interested in me? please get a life. stop being a busy body person. you're not a girl. note that. i never talk about u or talk to u oke? so please, mind your own business. it's been a year i'm not with my ex. now i've my own life, new lover which is better than my Ex. don't talk to me because i don't feel like talking to u. you're pathetic and have that stupid mind.

#3words for u idiot : Get A Life!

p/s : i can be good and bad depends on how u treat me


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Don't Even Bother About This Stupid Guy

hey dearest readers and stalkers. its been awhile i didn't update my blog. yeah, life isn't easy compared to last time when i was studying. since i was working at Lexis Port Dickson, i've no time to facebook-ing, twitter-ing, blogging and hanging out with my friends. shoot! i work shift. and my off day isn't on weekends. FML!

but yeah, this is the first time i work in hotel lines. many thing i've learned about it. dealing with many people especially the guests. for God sake, there are so many people out there with different attitudes. some of them are cool, some just full of shit. for whatever they are, i still have to respect them as they are the customers.

that's about the guests. let's talk about the other staff there. most of them are cool and awesome. they're just like a normal person. like me. i'm trying to be friendly as i'm a new staff there. and yeah, they're cool with me. always help me whenever i need their help or i didn't understand certain things.

just this few staff, i don't even like them. know why? they never respect me! especially this one guy working with me. OMG! at first, i thought he's oke, like another staff. but day by day, he made me like i'm a bitch. and i started to hate him when he said to me :

'kau ni bodoh la, kan aku da cakap, apa apa kita na cakap, bila tada orang je. kalau ada orang, jangan cakap apa apa. bodoh kau ni'

can u imagine that? he called me 'bodoh'? it's not only that. he always talk about my pride. he simply called me 'bohsia' and all. i don't even know what's his problem. when he sees my face, he started to use bad words. he never use it with other staff, only me. and fyi, i never knew him. he didn't know me as well. but, if you're in my shoes, what u will do? he keeps calling me 'bodoh' and 'lembab' when i did any mistakes. fuck sake, i really hate this guy man!

and this morning, my senior assistant manager asked me about this because yesterday, he realized that i wasn't in a good mood. i kept quiet until my shift finished. he told me that he heard what that guy called me. he was there yesterday. and he said, don't bother about him, he just an asshole. thank God, my assistant manager is a good guy.

so yeah today, i didn't talk to that asshole at all! seriously, never in my life, a guy called me with a bad word. i don't even know, what kinda person this guy. an animal with stupid brain maybe? haha. whatever.

without that guy in my working life, i'm all happy with other staff. it's not really about yourself if people don't even like u, sometimes it's about the person who has a mental problem. stupid!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

1st August 2011

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims
may Allah bless us this ramadhan

here, i wanna apologize to you guys
hope you forgive me and forget everything that i did wrong
let's do this fasting thing together

may this ramadhan goes well and better than the previous one


Friday, July 29, 2011

Tokio Hotel

Largely popular pop band from Magdeburg, Germany

Bill Kaulitz ( Vocals )
Tom Kaulitz ( Guitar )
Georg Listing ( Bass )
Gustav Schafer ( Drums )

yeah i fell in love with this band when i watched their performance on MTV World Stage
they performed Darkside of The Sun that time
seriously it's hard for me to like this kinda band
but they just made me drooling

this band just awesome


Monday, July 18, 2011


read that?
understand that?
just feel that with my life now
every day i do the same routine

i just feel boring with everything in my life
i mean everything
yeah, everything



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sakit Otak

Lemah otak ingin berfikir
Satu satu masalah datang bertimpa timpa
Sakit otak

Dua tiga hari ini aku ditemani air mata
Ehh bukan dua tiga hari
Aku rasa sepanjang minggu ini
Tiada siapa tahu apa di hati aku, jiwa aku, apa yang aku rasa

Kadang kadang moody, tiba tiba mahu marah marah
Kau ingat aku suka ke na marah dan moody ha?
Kau ta tahu apa aku rasa, lalui
Sakit otak

Malas aku na layan jiwa, buang masa
Tidur lagi bagus

- post via Blackberry


Sakit Otak

Lemah otak ingin berfikir
Satu satu masalah datang bertimpa timpa
Sakit otak

Dua tiga hari ini aku ditemani air mata
Ehh bukan dua tiga hari
Aku rasa sepanjang minggu ini
Tiada siapa tahu apa di hati aku, jiwa aku, apa yang aku rasa

Kadang kadang moody, tiba tiba mahu marah marah
Kau ingat aku suka ke na marah dan moody ha?
Kau ta tahu apa aku rasa, lalui
Sakit otak

Malas aku na layan jiwa, buang masa
Tidur lagi bagus

- post via Blackberry


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Manusia Stupid

hey manusia
kau la benda hidup yang paling aku benci setakat ni
nama jela manusia kau ni tapi bodoh lagi daripada binatang
kucing aku pun faham la kalau aku cakap dengan dia
ta payah cakap beribu kali pun, dia faham

tapi kau?
entah la aku just boleh cop kau sebagai binatang
sumpah aku benci kau dari aku benci anjing
mulia lagi anjing tu daripada kau wahai manusia

manusia di atas ini, manusia yang bernama stupid
bukan semua manusia yang aku marah kan ni
hanya seorang, manusia stupid

bodoh la kau ni kali ke-2


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kain Batik

ouhh tadi aku ke sebuah restoran india di seremban
makan tengahari bersama abah dan along
di situ makanan terbaik dia nasi daun pisang, best in town!

tengah makan, ada sekumpulan mat saleh masuk ke restoran itu
mungkin mereka mahu cuba nasi daun pisang

seorang minah salleh berpakaian formal. kemeja biru dan berkasut tinggi
tapi yang buat mata aku memandang beliau bukan kerana kemeja biru atau kasut tinggi yang dipakainya tetapi kerana dia memakai kain batik!
baju kemeja dan berkain batik
aku ta rasa pelik tapi nampak cantik dan unik

aku tersenyum melihat beliau
walaupun hanya kain batik, tapi bila orang luar memakainya, aku rasa bangga
tapi dalam turut rasa bangga itu, aku berkata pada diri sendiri
"aku sendiri ta pernah memakai kain batik, lebih lebih lagi bila mahu keluar"
pap! terasa tamparan sendiri di muka. heh

oke nanti aku beli kain batik


Monday, July 4, 2011


susah sangat ke na faham situasi aku?
hello, aku ni manusia yang ada perasaan. jangan la main main
kau buat aku macam binatang oke?
seronok ke buat orang macam tu?

kau pun manusia, aku pun manusia
bukan aku mintak banyak, mintak faham situasi aku. itu saja

aku sudah lama bersabar dan setiap manusia ada tahap kesabarannya
kalau aku saja yang perlu faham situasi kau, tapi kau ta pernah na faham situasi aku, is it fair man?

kau memang buat aku naik darah
darah tinggi tau ta?
kalau suka seksa aku dan na main main kan aku, stop it

bodoh la kau ni


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teka Teki

aku ta suka bermain dengan teka teki sebab teka teki tu buat aku semak dan sakit kepala
lebih lebih lagi teka teki tentang persoalan benar atau tidak

bila teka teki tu mula bermain dalam fikiran aku, macam macam persepsi yang aku fikir
sebab aku tatau kebenaran dan kesahihan dia, tiada bukti
kalau ada bukti pun mungkin aku kurang percaya sebab bukti itu langsung membuat aku lagi bingung

kalau aku ada kuasa yang boleh baca fikiran manusia, tentu sekali aku tidak jadi begini
ditipu bulat bulat oleh manusia manusia hipokrit di dunia ini
mungkin bukan ditipu, tapi entahla, aku sendiri ta tau na cakap apa

kadang kadang kalau seseorang itu menipu, aku pasti tau juga
ta kisah la tipu dari segi apa
dan mungkin sekali, aku tau dia menipu, tapi dia ta tau yang aku tau dia menipu

ouhh teka teki itu memang membingungkan
malas mahu fikir sehingga manusia manusia itu sendiri jujur dengan aku
aku lebih suka manusia yang jujur daripada manusia yang suka bermain teka teki dengan aku
manusia itu mungkin silap, mahu bermain teka teki bodoh dengan aku
aku bukan senang ditipu wahai manusia

selamat malam


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi Kawan!

terkenang masa dulu bila aku baik dengan seorang prempuan ni. aku anggap dia macam kawan baik aku sendiri. sebab aku tau, dia baik, penyayang, caring. serious ta tipu. selalu jugak aku ke KL dengan dia. lepak borak minum kopi. mendengar masalah masing masing.

tapi tu dulu. sekarang? aku da ta baik dengan dia.

sebab? aku dengar dia buruk buruk kan aku dekat orang lain. mula mula ta percaya. tapi lama lama aku fedup la dengar benda yang sama kan.

masa tu, aku terus senyap hilangkan diri. heh. aku ni memang jenis macam tu. kalau aku bengang dengan seseorang, aku akan diam membisu. aku takan call or sms na tanya tanya bagai. biar dia sendiri sedar kesalahan dia. aku ta suka na buat keadaan jadi lagi complicated. bukan jenis aku la.

bukan aku ta kenang semua benda baik yang dia buat kat aku. masa aku kena denggi, dia sanggup pergi beli ketam & suruh orang kedai masak sup ketam untuk aku. lepas tu dia hantar ke hospital. hurmm. baik sangat dia masa tu. banyak lagi benda baik dia buat.

sebab tu aku ta percaya dia buruk buruk kan aku. haishh. entahla. aku bukan ta sayang dia. sayang tau. tapi......

benda da lepas. aku malas na fikir. just aku harap sangat one day dia mintak maaf kat aku & mengaku kesalahan dia yang dia pernah kata itu ini pasal aku.

aku tetap menunggu sebab aku tau dia baik. cuma sebab marah ke ta puas hati ke, dia tergamak kata macam macam pasal aku.

bukan senang na jadi sahabat yang baik kan?



setiap kali aku ingin menulis entry baru, aku pasti bertanya pada diri aku "apa yang ada dalam fikiran aku?". kalau ikutkan hati, semua benda aku na tulis dekat sini tapi aku tau, ta semua benda peribadi boleh aku ceritakan di sini kan? ta perlu la semua masalah aku na cerita di blog.

kadang kadang harus fikir sebelum membuat sesuatu.

ahhh. entah apa yang aku fikir. semak sangat. mungkin luaran aku nampak gembira, tapi dalaman aku? ta semua tau. aku memang seorang pelakon yang hebat. aku boleh senyum, ketawa, gelak walaupun hati aku menangis, marah dan kecewa.


sebab tu aku malas tidur lepas balik kerja. bila bangun, aku mula lah merepek dekat blog.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


satu perasaan yang aku sendiri tatau apa
rasa malas sangat
macam na duduk dalam bilik sorang sorang tanpa lakukan apa apa
selalu berfikir, fikir macam macam yang ta perlu fikir pun sebenarnya
tapi benda ta perlu fikir tu la aku selalu fikir
benda apa? macam macam la

yang penting aku ta sabar na pergi jauh dari sini
tinggalkan masalah di sini, aku perlukan ketenangan
aku ingin buang segala masalah di minda
aku na enjoy. heh. jangan fikir enjoy apa pulak
aku na bercuti, lepak, tengok pantai walaupun aku ta suka pantai

masa berlalu lambat sangat
haishh. tolonglah cepatkan masa boleh?
aku da ta larat la na tunggu

aku rindu suasana Universiti


Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr Holga

Finally i got my very own LOMOGRAPHY camera!
thanks a lot to my boyfriend for giving me this
i love it much because it's red!
oke i'm speechless
but yeah, i'm happy because i've this now
it's gonna be my new hobby


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Truths About Me

NAME: Nur Nadirah Binti Abd Razak

AGE: 21

BIRTHDATE: 18th June 1990

PRESENT ADDRESS: Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.


1. last beverage = Ice water

2. last phone call = Suheeda Nadia

3. last text message = "pukul 1 gerak dari rumah or 12 lebih"

4. last song you listened to = What If by Jason Derulo

5. last time you cried = Few days ago


6. dated someone twice = Honestly, yes!

7. been cheated on = So many times!

8. kissed someone & regretted = Yup!

9. lost someone special = No & i hope it will never happens

10. been depressed = So many times!


11. Pink

12. Purple

13. Red


14. Made a new friend = A lot!

15. Fallen in love = Yes

16. Laughed until you cried = Of course!

17. Met someone who changed you = Yup!

18. Found out who your true friends were = Yes, yes, yes!

19. Found out someone was talking about you = Yup!

20. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list = Yes!


21. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = 80%

22. Do you have any pets = Yes, a cat named Joey

23. Do you want to change your name = Hell no, my name just awesome! heh.

24. What did you do for your last birthday = Went to kenduri arwah my BFF's mum

25. What time did you wake up today = 7.30am

26. What were you doing at midnight last night = Sleeping

27. Name something you CANNOT wait for = My boyfriend

28. Last time you saw your Mother= Few minutes ago

29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = My life back then

30. What are you listening to right now = Fuckin' Perfect by Pink

31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Yes, my ex-classmate in college!

32. What's getting on your nerves right now = Tomorrow gonna see my BF!

33. Most visited webpage = Facebook, Twitter & Blogspot

34. Nickname = Neddy

35. Relationship Status = In a relationship

36. Zodiac sign = Gemini

37. Male or Female = Female

38. Elementary = N/A

39. High School = PD High School

40. College = INTI International University, Nilai

41. Hair color = Brown

42. Long or short = Long

43. Height = 169cm

44. Do you have a crush on someone? = No!

45. What do you like about yourself? = Funny!

46. Tattoos = Hell No!!

47. Righty or lefty = Righty


48. First surgery = None

49. First piercing = 14 years old i guess

50. First best friend = Adila Wajihah

51. First sport you joined = Netball

52. First vacation = Can't Remember

53. First pair of trainers = None


54. Eating = Nope

55. Drinking = Yes

56. I'm about to = Sleep

57. Listening to = My boyfriend's song

58. Waiting for = Tomorrow!


59. Want kids? = Of Course!

60. Get Married? = Yesss!

61. Career? = A successful businesswoman


62. Lips or eyes = Eyes

63. Hugs or kisses = Hugs

64. Shorter or taller = Taller

65. Older or Younger = Younger

66. Romantic or spontaneous = Romantic

67. Nice stomach or nice arms = Arms

68. Sensitive or loud = Sensitive

69. Hook-up or relationship = Relationship of course!

70. Trouble maker or hesitant = Trouble maker


71. Kissed a stranger = Hell no!

72. Lost glasses/contacts = Hell yeah! so many times!

73. Sex on first date = Nope!

74. Broke someone's heart = Once

75. Had your own heart broken = So many times!

76. Been arrested = Never!

77. Turned someone down = I guess yes

78. Cried when someone died = Once, my closest uncle. Al-Fatihah to Uncle Haris

79. Fallen for a friend = Yes


80. Yourself = Of course i do

81. Miracles = Sometimes

82. Love at first sight = Yes

83. Heaven = Yes

84. Santa Claus = LOL! ROTFLMAO!

85. Kiss on the first date = Yes

86. Angels = Yes

p/s : tagged yourself. do it!