Thursday, November 17, 2011


people might think sometimes i'm being selfish, heartless, mad or angry. but nobody could see what's inside me. how i feel? how i should react? how am i gonna pretend that's nothing happened? i'm just a normal human who live this life like the others.

i can't be the person that others wanted me to be. i'm just being myself. i'm being the person that i wanted to be. not others. it's not everyday or every minute i'm being that bad. it's just sometimes. the time when i'm stress, tired of working, sick of other people.

what do u really expect from me? u expected that i will always smile, laugh till my tears fall down, being crazy all the time? nah, that's not human being. we all have feelings. we have mixed up feelings sometimes. and that's why we being mad or angry.

oke why people never see when we're being nice or good? when we care about them? when we love them more than ourselves? when we lend our ears to listen to their problems? when they need our hand to help them? because people always forget whatever others did to them especially when it's the good thing. they never appreciate us.

but when we sometimes did something bad for instant we being moody or angry, they will say that we have no heart. we are bad. something like that. isn't that normal? it's normal. like i said, we all have feelings. we smile, we laugh, we cry, we mad, we stress.

one thing i wanna highlight. please do understand for what people do, act or say. they might be more worst if u don't understand them. and please, do remember and appreciate what they did. don't see the bad side of them because i think they did more good things than bad one. always remember and appreciate the person u care and love.


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