Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Exam Schedule

i can't believe it will starts on NEXT WEEK!
i hate my papers on 4th
the very difficult papers on the same date
i've started study since last week
and yeah, i finished one subject and half of another subject
thank GOD!
i've to focus up on Malaysian Economy and Management In Action now
seriously, the tips really killing me
i pray to GOD, hope everything's gonna be fine
i hope i can do it well in my exam
i wanna score all the papers

i'm in the state of massive stress
i just wanna finish it quickly
i wanna sleep
i wanna chill
i wanna clear off my mind
i can't stand this anymore
i wanna finish my diploma now now now!

mood : unstable, massive stress, unhappy, boring
condition : headache, backache, eye bag, mess up, bad hair day, pale face


Kuizz Shah

Raja Muizzudin Shah

i can't believe this when my friend, Amoy, shared this link on my facebook
i was like "who's this guy, man?"
and and when i watched this
i realized he was my classmate in secondary school
seriously, i didn't know he has a very nice and awesome voice
he's a singer now!
i'm so proud of him
so muchhh!
please, do support him, he's really talented!

To Kuizz :
good job man!
i'm so proud of u
and and keep it up
you're good and hope your dreams come true

Contacts :


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BBM Broadcast Message

This is the first useful chain message on BBM, so please GROW UP and broadcast it instead of demonstrating your laziness BBM 'might' pay u for it

1) Never send religious message chains, seriously, it doesn't work. It just shows your hypocrisy and your fear to make up for your sinful life.

2) Don't write anything in your status that mentions or insults another person. It's just not cool or mature.

3) No one is "happy", 3 minutes later ''mad'', 1 hour later "bored'', then ''sad'' or ''fucked'', etc. Go to a shrink or search for some professional help. Do not declare it publicly. Lame cryptic messages makes u look like an attention addicted whore (AAW)

4) If your girlfriend or boyfriend / wife or husband, cheats on you... Please understand that no one is interested to know that the person is a bastard M*#h!¥f$¤&+... So, don't write it in your status/wall/tweets. Again AAW.

5) If you want to text someone so badly, respect his/her ''busy'' status if it's on. And people please don't try to act busy by putting on your so called "busy" status. Ask politely if they've got a minute if it's really urgent. If u feel they are stalking, just remove them of your list. No drama.

6) Don't change your Nickname/status, like 500 times a day to a point it's unrecognizable. It's not cool anymore, it would just let everyone know how lifeless you are. It's also confusing when we really eventually want to use/ask you 4 something.

7) For god sake Blackberry hackers and viruses don't exist. The Blackberry and I-Phone are virus free technologies. We laugh at your gullible lack of intelligence.

8) No dead woman will haunt/sleep with you if you don't resend this chain. Nor will your dick fall off or your cunt seals up! Blackberry is not going to crash or delete your account or pay you money. We laugh again.

9) Your life doesn't revolve around your mobile. Put it away when you drive. Seriously your FB, BBM, Twits CAN wait.

p/s : Pass this on to save the earth from stupidity.


Monday, April 25, 2011


i was thinking about this
yeah, braces
tomorrow will go to the dentist and ask about braces
am i look good with braces?
i just can't imagine that
will see how and and if the price is oke, i will wear this


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 9


Pet peeves are small irritating things people unknowingly do out of habit or on purpose. It is also certain inanimate objects at times, can give rise to peevish, insane moments. We might be cursing when we react to all types of pet peeves, irrespective of whether they are stupid, funny, causing anger, or all at the same time.

  • People that interrupt me when i'm telling a story and then they continue to tell me their story & then ask me in an uninterested tone to continue on with my story when they're finished talking
  • When i ask someone what's wrong and they respond half-heartedly, "hmmm? ouh, nothing"
  • People who take forever to order food while i'm in line
  • When i open the DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it
  • People who take up 2 parking spaces
  • People who clear their throats in a disgusting way
  • People who invite you out somewhere then cancel
  • People who wear too much perfume
  • Cutesy intentional misspellings ( in Malay : je-jew, mana-manew. in english : are-R, light-lite)
  • When i find a really nice piece of clothing on the rack and not a single one is in my size
  • When people say "What's up?" instead of saying "hi or hello"
  • People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot
  • Driving somewhere and having the sun in my eyes
  • Drivers who signal after they make a lane change
  • People who spell "you're" as "your"
  • Taking forever to leave a parking space while others are clearly waiting for it
  • Men who ogle or whistle at women who walk down the street
  • People who don't look at me when they're talking, or i'm talking to them
  • People who stare
  • People who put their feet up on the seat in front of them in movie theaters
  • When you are hanging out with someone and they make plans to do something else right in front of you
  • When people scratch their fingernails on a blackboard
  • Websites with horizontal scrolling
  • People who are stingy with money when they clearly have a lot of it
  • I hate slow people walking in front of me
  • People who love to show off
  • People who tell something else to someone else, when i know the truth
  • People who think i can't afford branded stuffs
  • Girls with a bitchy manners
  • Boys who think they're hot & want a hot girl to be his girlfriend

i think that's all about my pet peeves list. there's a lot things that annoyed me but i couldn't type it all here. whatever it is, i just hate things if i think i should hate it. get to know me, then u will know what i like & dislike.


Walk-in Closet

oke this is really my dream
i want my very own walk-in closet in my own house
i just feel happy if i've this in my house
i can put all my clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories there
for me, it's really cool enough
so, i will spend my money just for this!
seriously, no matter how hard, i will get this in my house
walk-in closet is really cool!


Letter From Your Blackberry

Dear Owner,

I'm so lucky I'm your BLACKBERRY! You hold me with both hands gently as you could be. You ensure that I am always with you. If I fall you are afraid of my injury. I always have your undivided attention, you get upset if others disturb our time together.

You can never forget me in a taxi & you won't let me go unlike my old friends nokia, sony and sammy that you would proudly just hand over. When you eat, I'm beside you. When you're in the toilet, I'm with you. When you're sleeping, my head is by your pillow. When I scream, you rush and pick me up like an egg. When I feel low, you make every effort to recharge my battery. When I am hungry, you fill me with airtime. You buy me all sorts of clothes to cover my precious skin. And if I make you feel like a cowboy, you strap me to your waist or jeans.

Every month you ensure that you set aside the money, to buy me bundles (of love). You upgraded me from my friends nokia, sony and sammy to a curve, bold & torch. You rush home from work and spend quality time with me; not really bothered to make a conversation with those at home. You can sit up with me for hours and smile at me, yet I have no humanly emotions; sometimes I make you laugh that people think you're mad. I watch your wife/hubby or ‎​your bf/gf who envies our time together.

But dearie,

I appeal to you. Your life is wasted because of me. Take some time, leave me aside and sort out issues that are important to you because I may love you as much as you do love me but I'm just a BLACKBERRY, nothing more!

Kind Pings,



final exam is around the corner
i'm so gonna die
stress & stress
again & again
even though i've done all the tests & assignments
i'm still in the state of worries
2 more weeks to FINAL EXAM man!

and and i don't know where i'm gonna start first
Finance? E-commerce? Management In Action? Malaysian Economy?
i really don't know
i've no idea
somebody please HELP me
guide me, i really need it

what if i can't co-op with everything?
what if i don't have enough time to cover up all subjects?
what if i'm not feeling well and and can't study?
what if i can't answer the exam paper?
everything's possible

GOD, please be by my side
i'll put full of efforts to pass all the papers
i hope everything's gonna be alright


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wish You Were Here

i wish you were here
with me
beside me
i miss everything about u
*counting days*


Sunday, April 17, 2011


ta susah kalau na buat kawan. lebih lebih lagi dengan orang yang ta kisah siapa diri kita. baik, buruk, miskin, kaya, sempurna, cacat, hitam, putih, tinggi, rendah, gemuk ataupun kurus. yang penting ikhlas dan tau mengahargai kawan.

bukan susah untuk menghargai orang. cuma perlu tau jaga hati. bukan suruh belanja makan ke apa. sebab kawan yang ikhlas, ta pentingkan wang ringgit. hanya hati yang ikhlas diukur kira. ta perlu jadi orang lain untuk berkawan. ta perlu ikut rentak orang yang kita mahu berkawan tu. ta perlu na jadi hebat & paling hebat. itu semua ta diambil kira.

kalau kau fikir mahu lebih dari orang lain, mahu ikut telunjuk kau & mahu mengikut ikut orang, kau silap. orang akan jadi menyampah dengan perangai kau. mungkin mula mula orang masih boleh layan karenah kau, tapi boleh tahan sampai bila? setiap manusia ada tahap kesabaran.

apa yang kau perlu buat, sedar kesilapan sendiri. tanya diri sendiri. kenapa orang malas na layan kau lagi? kalau ta boleh na nampak salah kau, too bad la. kalau boleh nampak, jangan tunggu tunggu. ubah cara kau. ubah cara pemikiran kau. ubah setiap benda yang ada dalam diri kau. orang ta mintak kau ubah cara kau berpakaian, gaya kau. cuma ubah hati kau tu.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things Girls HATE About Guys

1. Forget her birthday (Deadly mistake)
2. Forget your anniversary
3. Spend more time with your buddy instead of spending time with her
4. Bring her out with your buddies and ignoring her
5. Criticize her dress sense
6. Choosing work over her (Balance is the key here)
7. Multitasking when talking to her over the phone
8. Want to hang up the phone after just 1 minute of conversation
9. Make your room untidy
10. Choose to watch your sport activities (football match) over her
11. Forget to put the toilet lid down
12. Never pick up her phone calls
13. Took half an hour to reply her text messages
14. Never plan for outings
15. Spineless
16. Make fun of her in front of others
17. Ridicule her make up skills
18. Saying she is fat
19. Talk bad about her family members
20. Never seek her opinion for the week end getaway
21. Forget to shave (Differs for different people)
22. Appear untidy
23. Criticize her career choice
24. Lack of hygiene etiquette
25. Ogle at other girls
26. Text messages in your phone from other girls are more than hers
27. Lie to them
28. Judging her
29. Any contact with your ex
30. Compare her with other girls (Deadly mistake)
31. Forget to put the toilet lid down after peeing
32. Lack of ambition in life (Girls do not like potato couch. It just doesn’t give them a sense of security)
33. Fail to give her a sense of security
34. Appearing insecure
35. Guys who do not know how to take care of themselves
36. Not romantic at all
37. Flirt
38. Breaking promises
39. Over protective
40. Over boasting
41. Egoistic
42. Stingy
43. Doesn't pay attention to what she says
44. Arrogant
45. Doesn’t pamper her
46. Have a picture of other girls in your cell phone
47. Never call back when you promised her


Friday, April 15, 2011

I Don't Give A Damn

let me tell u this. please just leave me alone. why u so care about my life? did i give u money to tell the others about my life? i didn't right? so, i guess whatever u told or will tell others about me, nobody will trust u & it will never changes anything in my life. you're just wasting your time. u don't get money doing all this. seriously. u happy telling others about me right? oke, go ahead. keep spreading my story or whatsoever man! i just don't give a damn. GTH!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


they're my BFF
we are crazy huh?
but we love this so much
i love them too
thanks for being my friends
i'm afraid of losing them
stay with me

kill me if you leave me!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i miss you
more than words can say
please come fast JUNE!
i wanna meet my only man



Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Tahun Akan Datang

pernah terfikir pasal masa depan? bagi aku, orang yang ta pernah fikir pasal masa depan adalah orang yang ta ada impian hidup. bila kita tanya, apa na jadi nanti? mesti tatau na jawab apa. apa yang korang akan jadi 10 tahun akan datang?

10 tahun akan datang, umur aku 31 tahun. sudah tua bagi aku. err. bukan tua sangat. sudah cukup dewasa dan cukup matang. masa tu, mungkin aku sudah berkeluarga. impian aku, bila aku umur 31 tahun, aku inginkan keluarga yang bahagia. dan aku na jadi businesswoman yang berjaya. insyaallah. bukan ta mahu bekerja di bawah orang, cuma aku rasa cukuplah bekerja di bawah orang sekadar untuk mendapat pengalaman.

aku ta mahu hidup mewah sangat. ada rumah yang selesa, kereta, cukup makan pakai, boleh shopping (ini wajib oke!) dan ada duit untuk aku beli apa apa yang aku na. hehe. lagi satu, aku tana pakai credit card. susah kot. kalau aku na shopping ke apa apa, aku guna debit card atau cash. ta suka la na hutang banyak banyak. itu janji aku pada diri aku untuk tidak memakai credit card. harap harap tada la mamat dekat shopping complex panggil aku offer buat american express. -.-"

lagi satu aku na tolong family aku. tu yang paling penting. masa tu, aku tana susahkan family aku lagi. cukuplah sekarang diorang da struggle na bagi aku duit untuk study. so, bila umur 31 tu, aku rasa masa tu la aku kena balas jasa diorang. mak aku cakap, nanti da senang, belikan mak purse and bag Gucci oke. ta pun LV. kereta cukuplah Honda Accord. bapak aku? buat masa ni, tada la dia mintak aku lagi kan. haha. aku tau mak aku bergurau. dia cakap macam tu sebab na aku ingat dekat dia. dia bukan na sangat benda benda tu. bukan boleh bawak ke kubur semua tu. tapi Insyaallah, kalau aku senang nanti aku belikan butik butik LV tu kat mak aku. pfft!

aku terfikir na duduk overseas. duduk dekat UK ke kan. tapi tu terpulang la pada husband aku nanti. kalau boleh memang aku tana duduk sini. aku tatau kenapa. memang dari dulu aku da bercita cita na duduk overseas. kalau ada, adala. kalau ta, na buat macam mana. tu benda last la aku fikir.

aku selalu fikir pasal future. penting kot. boleh dikatakan hari hari aku fikir. oke over! aku harap, apa yang aku plan untuk 10 tahun akan datang, akan jadi kenyataan. kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Get A Life

sejak kebelakangan ni, saya ta faham kenapa ramai saja orang yang ta dikenali comment entry entry blog saya. kalau comment memberangsangkan, tapa la kan. ini stock kutuk & mengarut. FYI, saya buat blog ni, ta mintak comment siapa siapa pun. tapi, kalau na comment, comment elok elok sikit ye. lagi satu, kalau na comment mengarut macam orang bodoh, letak nama sebenar. jangan letak nama 'anonymous', nama saya ataupun nama orang yang rapat dengan saya. berani sangat, letak nama sendiri.

dulu dekat formspring, sekarang dekat blog pulak. pantang saya allowed anonymous comment, ada saja yang ta puas hati dengan saya. kenapa ada orang macam ni ye? tada life? ataupun ta dapat kawan dengan saya? atau jealous dengan saya? pfft. saya bukan hot, cantik, ataupun perfect. jadi ta perlu la ada perasaan jealous. kenapa perlu buat benda benda bodoh? ta suka, just mind your own business kay? saya ta mintak duit awak na buat apa apa pun. saya tau jaga tepi kain saya sendiri. saya ta perlukan pertolongan sesiapa pun.

saya memang ta suka na tulis entry marah marah macam ni. tapi semua ni melampau la pulak kan. saya ta suka orang kacau hidup saya. ta perlu susah susah na jaga saya. tau la saya jaga diri sendiri kay?

p/s : thanks for your concern haters. and and, i don't allow anonymous to comment my entry anymore. because you're so annoying man!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 8

first thing :
( this is for my parents, family, friends & boyfriend )

thanks to u guys, who appreciate me and love me for who i am
i love all of u with all my heart
it's like, i can't live without u and i need u in my life
and and i'm sorry if i'd hurt u without realizing it
i'm just a human who make and do mistakes
thanks for care about me
thanks for being there in good and hard times
thanks for support me for what i'm doing
thanks for your patience when you're with me
thanks for everything
i love u guys till the day i die
nobody could replace u guys
i can die for u and i will never let u leave me alone
it's hard for me if i lost one of u guys
i will cry till i die if i ever lost one of u
please, be with me, till the day i die
i want all my loves be there on the day i die

second thing :
( this is for my HATERS )

the more u hate me, the more i hate u
i don't need u in my life
thanks for hating me & talk bad about me
for me, u guys just a piece of shit that i don't bother at all
whatever u did to me OR i did to u
i will never turn back to accept u as my friend
yeah, u just an annoying and lifeless pig!
once i hate people, i will hate them till the day i die
yeah, i'd forgive u guys longgggg time ago
but to be your friend back, it's just a dream man
i'm sorry because i really hate u guys
please, mind your own business and and don't be a busy body person
you are worst than a pig!

third thing :
( this is for people who don't even know me )

oke, firstly, u don't even know me very well
yeah, maybe u know me from others
secondly, don't ever judge me from my appearances
judge from inside, not outside
and and bear in mind, i will treat u depends on how u act and how u treat me
i can be good
and i can be bad
i admit that i talk about people who i don't like
because YOU and your ATTITUDE makes me do that
i'm sorry man
i won't talk about people who is good and nice
i bet u guys are the same right?
for God sake, i'm friendly, easy-going and funny
FYI, i'm not arrogant and selfish
i love to make new friends because it's good to have millions friends
i never choose people to be my friends
whoever can be my friends
pretty, handsome, ugly, tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white
yeah, all. as long as you're good and honest
you can be my good friend someday


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Amazing Moments In Life

don't u think so?
this is so true
i've ever felt all this before
it was awesome


Lomography 2

oke this is not really the original pictures from LOMO camera
it's a software from my friend's phone
i know i'm too excited with this LOMO camera
i was playing with my friend's phone and i did this
at least i can practice my LOMO skills

i was thinking to buy a phone with this software
at least i've all type of LOMO cameras in the software
oke, joking
the LOMO camera has better quality of pictures for sure
yeah yeah, gonna wait for my first LOMO
Mr Pink!


Friday, April 1, 2011


i've one month until the final exam
crap! it's really killing me softly
i might be busy this month
it's my final sem then i'm done!
i hope i really hope i will pass all the subjects
i don't wanna fail because i never failed!
this is really a hectic sem for me
the subjects, ouhh God! i swear it's hard than cooking and baking
i'm so not gonna let it ruins my life
i will try my best to score every single subject

when i'm done, i will get a job
yeah, a new beginning for me
deal with different type of people
might be working for one year plus
then will continue my degree in UK
just pray to God, that everything i've planned will come true