Wednesday, April 20, 2011


final exam is around the corner
i'm so gonna die
stress & stress
again & again
even though i've done all the tests & assignments
i'm still in the state of worries
2 more weeks to FINAL EXAM man!

and and i don't know where i'm gonna start first
Finance? E-commerce? Management In Action? Malaysian Economy?
i really don't know
i've no idea
somebody please HELP me
guide me, i really need it

what if i can't co-op with everything?
what if i don't have enough time to cover up all subjects?
what if i'm not feeling well and and can't study?
what if i can't answer the exam paper?
everything's possible

GOD, please be by my side
i'll put full of efforts to pass all the papers
i hope everything's gonna be alright



nyda rosenin said...

hey chill, i know you can do it ! believed in yourself ;) gd luck !

Neddy Razak said...

nyda : thanks babe for your support. ;)