Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 8

first thing :
( this is for my parents, family, friends & boyfriend )

thanks to u guys, who appreciate me and love me for who i am
i love all of u with all my heart
it's like, i can't live without u and i need u in my life
and and i'm sorry if i'd hurt u without realizing it
i'm just a human who make and do mistakes
thanks for care about me
thanks for being there in good and hard times
thanks for support me for what i'm doing
thanks for your patience when you're with me
thanks for everything
i love u guys till the day i die
nobody could replace u guys
i can die for u and i will never let u leave me alone
it's hard for me if i lost one of u guys
i will cry till i die if i ever lost one of u
please, be with me, till the day i die
i want all my loves be there on the day i die

second thing :
( this is for my HATERS )

the more u hate me, the more i hate u
i don't need u in my life
thanks for hating me & talk bad about me
for me, u guys just a piece of shit that i don't bother at all
whatever u did to me OR i did to u
i will never turn back to accept u as my friend
yeah, u just an annoying and lifeless pig!
once i hate people, i will hate them till the day i die
yeah, i'd forgive u guys longgggg time ago
but to be your friend back, it's just a dream man
i'm sorry because i really hate u guys
please, mind your own business and and don't be a busy body person
you are worst than a pig!

third thing :
( this is for people who don't even know me )

oke, firstly, u don't even know me very well
yeah, maybe u know me from others
secondly, don't ever judge me from my appearances
judge from inside, not outside
and and bear in mind, i will treat u depends on how u act and how u treat me
i can be good
and i can be bad
i admit that i talk about people who i don't like
because YOU and your ATTITUDE makes me do that
i'm sorry man
i won't talk about people who is good and nice
i bet u guys are the same right?
for God sake, i'm friendly, easy-going and funny
FYI, i'm not arrogant and selfish
i love to make new friends because it's good to have millions friends
i never choose people to be my friends
whoever can be my friends
pretty, handsome, ugly, tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white
yeah, all. as long as you're good and honest
you can be my good friend someday


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