Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BBM Broadcast Message

This is the first useful chain message on BBM, so please GROW UP and broadcast it instead of demonstrating your laziness BBM 'might' pay u for it

1) Never send religious message chains, seriously, it doesn't work. It just shows your hypocrisy and your fear to make up for your sinful life.

2) Don't write anything in your status that mentions or insults another person. It's just not cool or mature.

3) No one is "happy", 3 minutes later ''mad'', 1 hour later "bored'', then ''sad'' or ''fucked'', etc. Go to a shrink or search for some professional help. Do not declare it publicly. Lame cryptic messages makes u look like an attention addicted whore (AAW)

4) If your girlfriend or boyfriend / wife or husband, cheats on you... Please understand that no one is interested to know that the person is a bastard M*#h!¥f$¤&+... So, don't write it in your status/wall/tweets. Again AAW.

5) If you want to text someone so badly, respect his/her ''busy'' status if it's on. And people please don't try to act busy by putting on your so called "busy" status. Ask politely if they've got a minute if it's really urgent. If u feel they are stalking, just remove them of your list. No drama.

6) Don't change your Nickname/status, like 500 times a day to a point it's unrecognizable. It's not cool anymore, it would just let everyone know how lifeless you are. It's also confusing when we really eventually want to use/ask you 4 something.

7) For god sake Blackberry hackers and viruses don't exist. The Blackberry and I-Phone are virus free technologies. We laugh at your gullible lack of intelligence.

8) No dead woman will haunt/sleep with you if you don't resend this chain. Nor will your dick fall off or your cunt seals up! Blackberry is not going to crash or delete your account or pay you money. We laugh again.

9) Your life doesn't revolve around your mobile. Put it away when you drive. Seriously your FB, BBM, Twits CAN wait.

p/s : Pass this on to save the earth from stupidity.


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