Sunday, March 11, 2012

She's Awesome!

i wonder how she could rapping with only one breath?
she did great cover for this song
i think she's better than the original singer


click below link for more covers by Karmin :

*ignore her face*

My Birthday Wishlist #1

if someone ask me :
what do i want on my birthday this year?

i will answer :
50 colourful helium gas balloons like the above pictures!

i know it's kinda weird but i just want it
especially like the second picture
so cute!
and it's my favorite colour!

i can't imagine if i get the balloons
maybe i'll faint for 20 seconds

i wish i will get it
if not, i'll buy it for myself

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have A Blast, Ungir!

Name : Grob B Bernardino
Age : 22 Years Old
From : Taytay Rizal, Philipphines

Date Of Birth : 8th March 1990


he's the best trainee in our hotel
he's funny, annoying and sometimes irritating
but everybody love him!
he has been in Malaysia for about 6months
he left Malaysia on 25th February 2011

so yeah today is his birthday and he's not here with the FO TEAM
i wish we could celebrate his birthday here in Malaysia