Sunday, September 25, 2011

After Two Years

left : 19 years old
right : 21 years old

my hair is longer now
after 2 years i didn't chop it off
can't believe it's getting longer and longer
i won't ever ever chop it off

which one do u think suits me?
short or long?
i prefer long



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Night Shift

i already started working night shift on 20th September
my night shift will be until 26th September
from 11pm - 7am
this is my first time working at night

a lil bit

working alone with one Assistant Manager only
and and sometimes i got a phone call from the hotel room
the front office's phone will ringing calling from one of the rooms there
and i've to answer the call
when i picked up the phone
there's no one on the phone
what i heard was
"kirkkkk kirkkkk kirkkkk"
it was like the line was not oke
so what i did, i just hung up the phone
and i said to myself

scary right?
i just don't bother about that
i just need to finish my works
and have to think positive

hope everything's gonna be fine
Go Neddy!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh My McFlurry!

i didn't get my Tutti Frutti just now

this is because
when i'm on my way to Shah Alam
i bought this Milo McFlurry
the taste was so good!
you should try at least once
better than Oreo McFlurry
but the best McFlurry is Cornetto McFlurry!

i'm lovin' it


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yogurt Ice Cream

craving for this awesome yogurt ice cream
gonna get this later on
going to Shah Alam


click click :


Pretty Awesome!



they have their own style of singing
currently i love their voice so much
it's unique man!

did downloaded some of their songs in my playlist
gonna listen to their songs before i sleep



Wishlist # 1

gonna get one soon




dear readers, stalkers and haters,

this time, i'm writing this to apology u guys. there's nothing much i can do. whoever read this post, i hope right after u read this, it's zero-zero between us. it's really hard to know people who doesn't like u or really hate u because u can't read their's mind or heart. i wish, i could read their's mind.

frankly speaking, i know, many of u really hate me huh? but it doesn't matter because u never tell me what i did to u. but yeah, it's not fair if i don't apology u right? maybe not in front of u, but when u read this, at least u know that i really wanted to say sorry to u but i just can't.

lately, one of my colleague never ever talk to me anymore. i don't know what's wrong with us. maybe i did something wrong but i don't even know what was it. the other colleagues are really oke with me. we're cool but not with this one person. for u, i'm sorry if i did wrong or i'd hurt u with my words or whatever. maybe i did that unintentionally. sorry ya.

few months ago, i'd this friend. very closed. we spent our time together with my other friends. always. because we were in a long holiday break. i was studying that time. almost two months we guys were hanging out together. i mean with other friends too. but this person suddenly doesn't want to see me or hang out with me anymore. but other friends are cool. but yeah, maybe i did something wrong. i'm so sorry and i hope we can be friend again.

a year plus ago, i'd closed friend. a guy. we had happy time together, went to wherever we wanted, had delicious food and many things we did together. plus, he was a good guy. we were not more than a closed friend. it was like we were best friend. until one day, he didn't return my call or replied my text. yeah, same thing, i didn't know what i did wrong to him. i'm so sorry.

to my parents, family, boyfriend and friends,
i know sometimes i'm being selfish. always think about myself. never think about others. it's really hard to throw away my ego. all i wanted is just accept me for who i am. human isn't easy to change in a blink. it takes time to change. everyone have good and bad attitudes. so do i. i'm sorry for everything i did. sorry.


Saturday, September 17, 2011


yes, i've changed
yes, i'm childish
yes, i'm not care about you
yes, i'm not a good gf
yes, it's all my fault

yes, you just broke me hard inside

thank you