Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Night Shift

i already started working night shift on 20th September
my night shift will be until 26th September
from 11pm - 7am
this is my first time working at night

a lil bit

working alone with one Assistant Manager only
and and sometimes i got a phone call from the hotel room
the front office's phone will ringing calling from one of the rooms there
and i've to answer the call
when i picked up the phone
there's no one on the phone
what i heard was
"kirkkkk kirkkkk kirkkkk"
it was like the line was not oke
so what i did, i just hung up the phone
and i said to myself

scary right?
i just don't bother about that
i just need to finish my works
and have to think positive

hope everything's gonna be fine
Go Neddy!


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