Sunday, September 18, 2011


dear readers, stalkers and haters,

this time, i'm writing this to apology u guys. there's nothing much i can do. whoever read this post, i hope right after u read this, it's zero-zero between us. it's really hard to know people who doesn't like u or really hate u because u can't read their's mind or heart. i wish, i could read their's mind.

frankly speaking, i know, many of u really hate me huh? but it doesn't matter because u never tell me what i did to u. but yeah, it's not fair if i don't apology u right? maybe not in front of u, but when u read this, at least u know that i really wanted to say sorry to u but i just can't.

lately, one of my colleague never ever talk to me anymore. i don't know what's wrong with us. maybe i did something wrong but i don't even know what was it. the other colleagues are really oke with me. we're cool but not with this one person. for u, i'm sorry if i did wrong or i'd hurt u with my words or whatever. maybe i did that unintentionally. sorry ya.

few months ago, i'd this friend. very closed. we spent our time together with my other friends. always. because we were in a long holiday break. i was studying that time. almost two months we guys were hanging out together. i mean with other friends too. but this person suddenly doesn't want to see me or hang out with me anymore. but other friends are cool. but yeah, maybe i did something wrong. i'm so sorry and i hope we can be friend again.

a year plus ago, i'd closed friend. a guy. we had happy time together, went to wherever we wanted, had delicious food and many things we did together. plus, he was a good guy. we were not more than a closed friend. it was like we were best friend. until one day, he didn't return my call or replied my text. yeah, same thing, i didn't know what i did wrong to him. i'm so sorry.

to my parents, family, boyfriend and friends,
i know sometimes i'm being selfish. always think about myself. never think about others. it's really hard to throw away my ego. all i wanted is just accept me for who i am. human isn't easy to change in a blink. it takes time to change. everyone have good and bad attitudes. so do i. i'm sorry for everything i did. sorry.


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