Friday, April 1, 2011


i've one month until the final exam
crap! it's really killing me softly
i might be busy this month
it's my final sem then i'm done!
i hope i really hope i will pass all the subjects
i don't wanna fail because i never failed!
this is really a hectic sem for me
the subjects, ouhh God! i swear it's hard than cooking and baking
i'm so not gonna let it ruins my life
i will try my best to score every single subject

when i'm done, i will get a job
yeah, a new beginning for me
deal with different type of people
might be working for one year plus
then will continue my degree in UK
just pray to God, that everything i've planned will come true



fendy said...

you are also final year student ea, same lah.
gudluck. :)

Neddy Razak said...

fendy : heh. thanks. and goodluck to u too :D