Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Please Mind Your Own Business

hello again. just got back from work. i've new story to tell u guys. what else? it's about another staff at my work place. heh. it's a guy again. i don't know why i'm sooooo famous among those guys who really love to know about me and really love to talk about me.

oke this guy known as D, i don't even know him in my life. i knew him since i was working at Lexis Port Dickson. i was deadly shocked when suddenly one of my colleague asked me something that i don't even like. then i said to her, where did she know about that. and she said this guy, D, told her. huh? i was like 'am i a singer or an actress or something?'. i'm so famous because i don't know that guy but he knows me so well huh.

and just now, when i was busy doing my work, he came to me and suddenly he asked me about my Ex. ehh? can u please shut up? that what was in my mind. hello? what are u? paparazzi? stalker? spy? i don't know u man! how many times i need to mention this? I DON'T KNOW U!

why this guy really interested in me? please get a life. stop being a busy body person. you're not a girl. note that. i never talk about u or talk to u oke? so please, mind your own business. it's been a year i'm not with my ex. now i've my own life, new lover which is better than my Ex. don't talk to me because i don't feel like talking to u. you're pathetic and have that stupid mind.

#3words for u idiot : Get A Life!

p/s : i can be good and bad depends on how u treat me


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