Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Don't Even Bother About This Stupid Guy

hey dearest readers and stalkers. its been awhile i didn't update my blog. yeah, life isn't easy compared to last time when i was studying. since i was working at Lexis Port Dickson, i've no time to facebook-ing, twitter-ing, blogging and hanging out with my friends. shoot! i work shift. and my off day isn't on weekends. FML!

but yeah, this is the first time i work in hotel lines. many thing i've learned about it. dealing with many people especially the guests. for God sake, there are so many people out there with different attitudes. some of them are cool, some just full of shit. for whatever they are, i still have to respect them as they are the customers.

that's about the guests. let's talk about the other staff there. most of them are cool and awesome. they're just like a normal person. like me. i'm trying to be friendly as i'm a new staff there. and yeah, they're cool with me. always help me whenever i need their help or i didn't understand certain things.

just this few staff, i don't even like them. know why? they never respect me! especially this one guy working with me. OMG! at first, i thought he's oke, like another staff. but day by day, he made me like i'm a bitch. and i started to hate him when he said to me :

'kau ni bodoh la, kan aku da cakap, apa apa kita na cakap, bila tada orang je. kalau ada orang, jangan cakap apa apa. bodoh kau ni'

can u imagine that? he called me 'bodoh'? it's not only that. he always talk about my pride. he simply called me 'bohsia' and all. i don't even know what's his problem. when he sees my face, he started to use bad words. he never use it with other staff, only me. and fyi, i never knew him. he didn't know me as well. but, if you're in my shoes, what u will do? he keeps calling me 'bodoh' and 'lembab' when i did any mistakes. fuck sake, i really hate this guy man!

and this morning, my senior assistant manager asked me about this because yesterday, he realized that i wasn't in a good mood. i kept quiet until my shift finished. he told me that he heard what that guy called me. he was there yesterday. and he said, don't bother about him, he just an asshole. thank God, my assistant manager is a good guy.

so yeah today, i didn't talk to that asshole at all! seriously, never in my life, a guy called me with a bad word. i don't even know, what kinda person this guy. an animal with stupid brain maybe? haha. whatever.

without that guy in my working life, i'm all happy with other staff. it's not really about yourself if people don't even like u, sometimes it's about the person who has a mental problem. stupid!



SofiaArshad said...

i like ur intro babe.. dear readers n stalkers. haha! we do love our stalkers right :P

si eJa said...

Narrow minded. Ned jgn layan ok? Dia suka Ned kot! :p