Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello readers & stalkers!

Here i wanna talk about time. Time is the valuable thing in life. It's like a gold. As a human we have time for work, rest, entertainment & so on. We all have our own time.

We need to manage our time so that we can do things on time. Oke i know there are so many 'time' words. Because the post title is TIME. Pfft!

Me, as a worker not a student anymore couldn't manage my time at all. I work shift & sometimes i've to work over time. When i finish my work, i'll go back & sleep because it really makes me tired. Dead tired.

I really don't have time for my own self. I should pamper myself sometimes but really, i don't know when. It's sad to know that i'm not hanging out with my friends anymore like i used to. Damn i really miss my old time when i was in college!

Please let me know how can i manage my time so i could be like the old me. I miss the old me so bad! :(


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