Sunday, March 13, 2011


currently i'm learning something that i don't expect that i would do. it's cooking! yeah my mum never asked me to cook neither my dad. since i was small, mum is the only person in my house that cook for our family. until now, i realized that i need to know how to cook for i'm 21 years old this year. sometimes i just don't have confident in cooking. but yeah, now i have a lil bit of that confident. i've cooked and baked some foods. here some pictures i wanna share with u guys.

vanilla cupcakes

choc chips vanilla muffin

bread butter pudding

butter chicken

batik cake

i promised to myself that i'll be a good cooker in the future. i still have a lot of things to learn in cooking. and i still have times to learn all this. thanks to mum because she's the one that teach me how to cook. hope i can be a PRO cooker. pfft!



Juice said...

i like this one!

Neddy Razak said...

juice : haha. thanks :*