Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 6

oke let me tell u this
i couldn't give one musician/band
because i've two musician/band that i like the most
i love them so much because i think they're talented
and and i never get bored with them
so whatever, i give two oke?


i think she's so talented
for me, she has a nice voice
she's a good song writer too
most of her songs are written by herself
the music and the lyrics just suit my soul
i became her fan since her 'complicated' song until now
never bored with her songs
ouh and and she knows how to play guitar, piano and drums
so i guess, she's the first musician that i think important to me
because she's talented and still young

wanna see how talented she is?
watch this :


talking about band, yeah this is the best band for me
Amy Lee and her band is awesome!
i never think their songs are weird or something
yeah, most of my friends doesn't like their songs
because the music
their songs are like 'ghost' and 'haunted' songs
but i still like them from their first song 'bring me to life'
Amy Lee also has a good voice, her high and low pitch just awesome
and she plays piano very well!
so i think this band is important to me
because they bring the different kind of songs
i mean the music and the lyrics
i love their lyrics because it is more likely to literature
not direct lyrics and u have to listen again and again to understand it

wanna see how good they are?
watch this :



Inspirationalefeks said...

ohhh cool

Neddy Razak said...

inspirational : haha. yeah. favorite!