Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Air Balloons Carnival 2011

i went last saturday with my friends. last minute plan. it was a boring day because that weekend i've no plan. yeah, my BFF, amoy, wasn't in PD. she went to singapore. so i followed my other friends to the carnival. it was a tiring day but i had fun with them.

the best part is i've to drive my car back to PD form Seremban 2. and and u know what? i supposed to used Johor Bahru highway to PD from Seremban 2, but i was like blur and i used the KL highway. yeah, awesome right? so, i've to drive all the way to Nilai from Seremban because Nilai is the nearest exit. and i was alone that time and it was like 12.30am! for God sake, i drove about 150km/h on the highway and i reached my house around 1.10am. haha. whatever! enjoy my pic :)

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caca said...

@NeddyRazak cantik! ;P

Neddy Razak said...

caca : hee. thanks awak!

izzaz said...

Ehem, thanks to me for the photos. :P

Neddy Razak said...

izzaz : oke fine ADIK. thanks for the photos -.-"