Monday, March 7, 2011


the best part in life is when everyone make u smile. your family, your friends and your love one. they will do whatever they can to make u smile and laugh. they will be there when you're sad, when you're crying and when you need somebody to talk to or cry on.

this month, i can say that this is the unlucky month for me. i just don't know why this all damn things happened in this month. there's a lot of things that i've to deal with. seriously i'm in the deep shit situation for god sake. it's like there will be a new problem to me day by day. sometimes i feel like killing myself but yeah i just couldn't do that. i wish that i could die then i will be alive back in 5 to 10 years. that's crap right?

but i'm glad. there's somebody who made me smile when i was depressed and down. he will makes me smile like i never smile for a year. he made me laugh and keep laughing. like non-stop. he just perfect! i can forget everything when i talk to him. he's a good listener and understand me the most. thank god for giving him to me. he's the only person who can makes me smile and hear all my goddamn problems. i'm happy.


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