Monday, April 23, 2012

She Got What She Wanted

Date : 22nd April 2012
Venue : Tribalworks Body Tattoo Studio, Sg Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang

Yeah she got her very own tattoos
it's not one but two tattoos!
one on her right shoulder
and one more on her finger

i'm glad i was there accompanied her to do her first tattoos
she asked me to come to KL just to accompany her
so i came with my bf and my friends
that's what best friend for right?
i love her so i came there just to see her doing her tattoos

she was so nervous when we reached the place
but yet she was so excited
me either!
so i was there taking her pictures and videos
she was sooooo cute with her 'screaming' face

so yeah finally she got the tattoos
she's very happy with it
and yeah the tattoos really nice and cool!

tell u the meaning of her tattoos :
on her shoulder : it's in roman number (14.05.2003) - date when her late grandpa passed away
on her finger : MY - Malaysia

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