Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello 2013!

it's been awhile i didn't update my blog
been busy with my working life
it's all messed up
and now i'm back to normal
work that is not that busy anymore
but sometimes, yeah

it's already 2013
and i'm getting older and older
year 2012 taught me so many things about life
i've been through many things in 2012 and it was so complicated
but yeah, everyone that closed with me, had supporting me in every way

i was thinking that every bad things happened were acutually good
because at least you've learned from that
and after that, u will be more careful, more matured
and for the good things happened were actually the best memories to be remind in the future

but still 2012 always be the year that will be remind like other years
the previous years were the same
we had good and bad things

i hope this year will be more happiness
because everyone in this whole world wanted to be happy
wanted their life to be perfect
so do i

p/s : let's just pray together for our happiness

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