Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter For My EXs

Dear all my EXs,

i mean not only my ex boyfriends.i mean both my ex boyfriends and friends.please stay away from my life.i don't need you like seriously.get a life.move on.you hurt me like hell.if you still wanna be my friend,just don't bother about me.i still can accept if you just wanna ask me how i'm doing.i can answer that.

i already have great boyfriend and awesome friends.enough for me and i don't need you.I DON'T NEED YOU.get me?i don't love any of my ex boyfriend anymore and i hate all my ex friends.oke?i never disturb you so please do the same.i'm begging you.



si eJa said...

hahaha. semoga diaorang faham kan ned? kadang2 yg tak faham bahasa ni yg menyakitkan hati. buat tatau je ok! nangis pulak yg kat russia tu nanti!

Neddy Raz said...

eja : haha.tula pasal.haishh.kena sabar jur.mintak dorang jauhkan diri.