Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day

i only celebrated it once in my life.it was two years ago.that was the first and last Valentine.so far.haha.it's not because i don't wanna celebrate it.it is because most of the previous Valentine's day,i was single.seeing everybody with their lover celebrating it every year makes me a bit jealous.and sometimes sad too.i know some people said,everyday is a Valentine's day not only on 14th February.yeah,that's true.but yeah i just wanna make that date 14th February a special day.a day with my love.because everybody in this world celebrating Valentine's day.i don't need much,i just want it to be special.

this is from my dad :

What does really a girl wants from her man? she loves guys who delve into her interests and favorites.know her favourite foods,colors,hobbies,and more.she will appreciate the gesture and will love you more. speak to her from the heart.it doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet little nothing.as long as the words come from your heart,a big smile from her heart will come out.

Some tips on how guys could best pamper their girls this Valentine. what a girl wants ?normally,a girl is more romantic than the boys.girls are so sweet that most of the time can ultimately capture the stony heart of a guy.girls are more expressive with her feelings.though she manages to hide but the reality is in her eyes.thus,a guy would definitely know how his girl feels.

so,feel me and touch me :)

Happy Valentine's Day in advance <3


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