Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Love You

every day,every night i will think about him
not someone else,only him
my heart says 'i know you love him'
but my head keep asking 'what do you want?'

both sentences make me confused
i should have just let it be
let it be mine
i should have just give a try
try the chance that i have

coz i know one day it will go
go and leave me alone

i''m afraid if there's no more chances
i'm afraid if it will be worst
i'm afraid if i cry and burst all the things inside my heart

if i can tell what's in my heart,i will
but i couldn't coz there's so many things inside
things that he don't know,i don't want him to know

for now,just pray to God
and i'll wait till the time
the time he's here with me
i'll whisper to him
'i love you,only you'

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