Friday, November 5, 2010

I Am Weak

there's no words,no phrases and no sentences
that can tell you how i feel,what i feel

when something deep in my heart comes out,i will cry
because it's really hurts when my brain starts to think about you
my heart starts to miss you
i am weak,i ain't strong

i just can sit by myself,cry out my tears
without telling you anything
i am all alone

i love you and i'm crying because i need you
i want you to sit beside me,be with me
i am weak,i ain't strong

i couldn't do anything to be right beside you
i just can waste my tears,waste my energy,waste my time
thinking and waiting for you

but it doesn't matter
because i know it's really worth by doing all these
because i know
someday you will be beside me
right here with me




San Tosh said...

Wow such a lucky guy he is.... I mean ur BF... To whom u wrote this..... Thumbs up for ur LOVE... Wish even I had somebody who would write like what u have wrote... o.0"

Neddy Raz said...

santosh : hee.thanks.u will find smebody that can write better than me!dont worry ;)

fendy said...

so sweet.
is that for me??
kiddin' lah. :P
hope korang bahagia.

Neddy Raz said...

fendy : sweet ke?HAHA.thanks beb. ;)