Saturday, November 6, 2010


life is not simple as we is really hard.we have to going through all the things in life until our last breath.we have to keep breathing even though we down,even though someone used us,play us,hurt us.everybody in this world have their own experience in life.

the worst part is when people start to talk bad about you.they will bitchy about you.yeah even you never did bad things in your life but because of their mouth,you are the're the one who have to manage all this damn things have to listen to what people say about you and that is really bad when no one gonna believe in you.

why people must listen to someone who is not really know about others?is it normal?is it nature?or is it human being?human.yeah.nobody can be happy if someone is better than them.someone is more pretty,good looking,rich,smart,have a lot of friends or else.for me,it is because of jealousy.because of jealousy,friend can become can become enemy.that's life.

why people just mind their own business?why must care about others?if a person has bad attitude,why don't people just give them a chance to change because i believe,people will change someday.just time is the's not easy to change.but human,they keep talking bad about this kinda person.i don't even know why they care so's not a good way to care about people like i said,give them chance.don't make them down.don't hurt them.give time.that's oke.

jealousy?screw it!i also can't handle this kinda person.their level of jealousy is so high.ego also so high.arrogant.mental,just don't listen to them.continue your life,don't pause it because of'll regret.regret because of listening to this person who loves to talk bad things about me.they will also talk about you to the others.don't be their victim.don't be stupid.because we are not.

life ain't easy.



Anonymous said...

whos keep talking behind ur back? is it ur ex? or just ur enemy?

Neddy Raz said...

anonymous : if i ever know who is it,i will bitch slap them.unfortunately,i dont even know.

Anonymous said...
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