Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facts About Girls (Part 1)

1. When girls are in pms mode, just keep your crap opinions to your self!

2. Any girls would not be pleased if she was cheated on, the trust from the relationship goes, it hurts to know you have been betrayed by someone you love.

3. Girls will melt if you sing a love song for them.

4. Girls just want to be included in everything you do.

5. Girls like guys with a plan. Girls don't want to get attached to a guy who has no basic plan in life. Even if it's "I dropped out of school but I'm working hard and saving my money?", that shows a huge deal of humility and responsibility.

6. Girls likes sense of humour. This means smile, joke, flirt and be able to laugh at yourself. If you expect to be able to joke and sometimes at her expense then you'd better not be so prideful when she takes a cute little shot back.

7. Girls like it when you fight for them. It makes girls feel like they're worth it.

8. Some girls find guys handsome with no hair products on, the same way some guys find girls beautiful with no make up on.

9. Girls like boys who dress good. In other words, dress to match her style.

10. Guys, dont be awkward! When approaching girls, don't just say "your face is beautiful" since the girls will just say "thanks" then the conversation is dead.

11. Guys, dont pretend. Be real. Girls can naturally smell fake from a mile. They will appreciate it if you stick to your own truth.


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