Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Gemini Woman

i was born on 18th June 1990 so my sign is Gemini. Here are some characteristics of Gemini woman that you have to know. it might be important. by reading this, you may know and understand about me and other Gemini girls.

  • Women born under this sunsign are tall with a straight body. Your hands are long and legs are thin. Generally, Gemini females have a very thin skin from which their veins are visible.
  • Your nose is sharp and long. The most beautiful part of Gemini girls are their beautiful eyes. Sometimes fascinating combinations of green shade are seen in their eyes.

  • You are capable of adopting very fast to new surroundings. Mostly the females born in this sign are intellectual types. Your mind is positive and strong.
  • Reading, writing, working on computers are your natural fields. You love to travel a lot . Gemini women are masters of communication and expression.

  • You are quick -witted, clever and understand every situation thoroughly before reacting. Many times Geminis can plan their reactions and be happy, angry or sad as per the requirement. These qualities help them become a good business women.
  • Gemini women can work best in the field of teaching, marketing, political work etc.. You can do naturally well in any sphere.
  • Some of the most innovating business minds have been seen in those born in Gemini. Research is also a good field for you to work.

  • Though your health is generally good, over reaction, worries and anxiety are the main causes of ill health for you.
  • Colds, influenza, bronchitis, T.B., defects of shoulders and arms, piles and infections of bladder may also trouble you at various stages of life.
  • Systematic life with planned holidays in completely relaxing atmosphere and a good diet can keep you fit for all your life.

  • There will be a lot of changes as far as finances are concerned. You will experience both situations that is - plenty of resources and also compete lack of resources in your lifetime. Your love life may also be a contributing factor to your losses.
  • Systematic savings and conservative investments will be the best way to get stability in life.

  • You are romantic by nature and will have interest in many males in your lifetime You will look for good intellectual compatibility with your partner . An over bearing partner is not for you.
  • It will not be easy for your mate to understand you and your nature of extremes may baffle him. Your partner will have difficult time figuring out what you think and what you want. The male in your life has to be imaginative and not afraid of experimentation if he wants to keep you satisfied.
  • Gemini females do understand love and romance well and can change their partners with surprizing ease. It is not difficult for them to discontinue any relationship that they think is not in thier best interests.
  • A highly passionate female that you are , you like to be a leader in the foreplay also. Playing with hair delights you most.
  • The hotspots for Gemini woman are arms and armpits.

  • You will find marriage exciting and interesting. You are intelligent, and so you should marry someone who have similar trails otherwise you will not be able to continue your life with him.
  • You will tend to have a large share in the decision-making within the married life and will often find difficult to survive with a husband who is pushy. So, try to find a person who can understand you and would mould himself as per your needs.
  • For this reason, an arranged marriage where proper care has not been taken to match the horoscopes or to see the inclinations of the girl and boy do not work well for a Gemini girl.

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