Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm Officially 21 Years Old!

18th June 2011

i'm officially 21 years old!
Happy Birthday to me
may God bless me always
hope my dreams come true

i wanna be a better person with a good future
i've my own dreams which i've to make it happens
i'm going to be more matured for i'm an adult now
u can call me woman, not a girl anymore

thank God for i'm still alive now
u give me chance to live in this beautiful world
i will appreciate my life from now

thanks mum and dad for everything
without you guys, i'm not here, writing this post
i love you both more than everything!

thanks to my only sister in this world
you're the only sister that i have
always love you!

thanks to my boyfriend, Mohd Muzamel Zainal
you're giving me light in my life
and i love you so much!

thanks to my BFF for being my friends since we were younger
i'm lost without you guys
love much hunny!

thanks to others who are appreciate me as i am

and lastly, thanks a lot to those who had wish me
i really really appreciate that
i love you guys!!!



Nadia R. said...

Have a blast birthday Ned!

Neddy Razak said...

nadia : aww thanks a lot babe :)

Raraa Z said...

sweet 21 :)

Neddy Razak said...

Raraa : thanks ya :)

shazliza said...

hepy bday nadirah..:)

Juice said...

I love you!

Neddy Razak said...

shazliza : thanks liza :)

juice : love you more :)