Monday, May 23, 2011


22th May 2011 @ 7.00pm

mum got a call from my aunty
she was telling mum that my uncle just passed away
yeah, we lost one of our family members again
after 3 years we lost another family members which is my Pak Long
then this date, Uncle Haris passed away
my dad's brother

my family and i were shocked
because knowing Uncle Haris, he was a strong man with no sickness or something
but actually, he had heart problem
he didn't tell us
and suddenly, he passed away just like that
after he jogged and then he got heart attack

he was the closest Uncle with my family
so close
and we were crying non-stop

whatever it is we will always remember u Uncle
after this, no voice from u, no delicious lemang from u on Hari Raya
may you rest in peace


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