Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 11

"what you give, you will get back"

"what goes around comes around"

yeah this quotes based on KARMA
i do believe in karma
people tend to treat others whether good or bad
let say, u treat people so nice
i believe, people will love and like u
so they or other person will treat u nicely too

let say, u bitch about others
u hate others
u keep saying this and that about them
u treat them like shit
so yeah, i believe it will returns back to u
maybe not now, but in the future

i've been through all this
both situations
whether i treat people nicely or badly
i did get back what i've done

but in other hand
people who i don't even know in my life
did bitch about me
talked bad about me
even i didn't or ever talk bad about them back then
and and i believe, they will get back what they've done

i've been through all this craps before
i don't even know what i've done wrong to those people
sometimes it just makes me down
but yeah, i do believe in karma
i don't have to do revenge to them
i just have to wait
and i wanna see it with my own eyes
when they get back what they've done to me

p/s : i do forgive people easily ;)



SofiaArshad said...

I double loike this! Haha!

Neddy Razak said...

sophie : hee. thanks babe :D