Friday, May 20, 2011

Final Semester Exam Result

20th May 2011 around 3.00am (not so sure)

last night
i checked my Final Sem exam result
while skyping with Mel
we checked it together
i was shaking, so bad
my heart beats fast
i couldn't type my ID number, password and IC number
my hands were shaking man!
but i tried

right after i pressed the 'enter' button
i saw the result on my lappy's screen
and and yeah
i PASSED all my Final Sem subjects!
Alhamdulillah and thank God
my result aren't that bad
so yeah, i'm happy
thanks to my lecturers, friends and family
for helping me

so now i've to wait for my BIG BIG day!
i want my parents, sister, Mel & BFF to be there on my big day!
i hope they can make it and ready with bouquet of flowers

imma DIPLOMA in Business Administration holder now
gonna continue my study next year on September!
let u know soon

p/s : thanks to Mel, the only person who always supports me in everything, especially my study. he was helping me studying during my Final exam. he woke me up everytime i fell asleep so that i can study. he always there while i was studying (on skype). thanks again, and all i can say is, because of u, i passed my final sem and i get my diploma already. i appreciate that so much. and ily