Saturday, October 16, 2010


Dear girls,

it's hard for us to be a girl because we have our own pride which others have to respect especially, i wanna write for those girls who are always get down because of one guy who never respect u as a girl and always take you for granted.and always hurts and blame you for no reason and never realize his own mistakes.

for me,if a girl falls for one guy and that guy never tell her anything about his feeling,she is stupid.when it comes to feeling which is LOVE,that girl will start it first to tell that guy what she feels.or the other situation is when a couple broke up,that girl will do something or anything to get attention from her ex to get him back.i bet,almost all girls did this two situations before.

here,i have few questions for all girls out there,especially the girls who are still confused about herself :

1- Why Do You Like Him?

2- What Is So Special About Him?

3- Is He Ever Care About You?

4- Is He Text Or Call You First?

5- Is He Write Anything For You In His Facebook,Twitter or Messenger while You Are
Writing About Him?

6- Is He Flirts With Other Girls?

7- Is He Finds You When He Is Happy or Only When He Sad?

8- Do You Realize When This Guy Only Text or Call You When He Has a Problem?

9- If you Realized, Why You Still Wanna Reply Him?

10- Don't You Feel You're Stupid?

11- Why You Wanna Be Stupid Because of One Guy?

12- Don't You Have Pride?

I really have tons of questions but i think this is enough for you girls to think about it.please don't fall for a guy who never care or tell you what he feels.don't trust casual relationship.that's just bullshit.there's no such me,i have many experiences about guys.they just wanna get you fall for him,you will give him everything,he leaves you.

once you fall for him,he will control everything.

but not all guys are like that.there are many guys which are way better.that's why,if you realized that the guy that you like or love never gives you good feedback,just walk off.find another guy.get to know him.if he's oke,that's good.if he's sucks,walk off me,there will be one good guy for every girl who never give up and won't fall for a guy easily.

remember this,girl's pride is more high than everything.don't be a bitch.


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she rossi said...

beb. aku ta tukar url. yg lama tuh da basi. shh! org tertentu shja tahu. btw miss you doe!