Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Miss My Hair And The Old Me

when i look back at my old pic,i do miss the old me.the skinny me.the short hair of me and my long hair.i think i was's my blog so i can write whatever i want.LOL.but the old me reminds me all the i shouldn't miss the old me!i should just live my new life,follow the way to the future by not turning back to the's complicated.

this is my current hair
i will keep it till it become longer

december 2009
my hair before my medium hair
i like it because it was rihanna and posh beckham hair style

2 years ago
long hair
i wanna be like this again ;)

you guys wanna know my lil' secret?i will do hair cut when i'm depress.why?because usually i will hate myself.i won't look at myself.i will avoid looking at the mirror till i go to the saloon and do my hair cut to look different and forget me that i hate.i know i'm weird but that's me!

i hope i will be skinny and my hair will be longer next year!can't really wait!



muzamel said...

omg u tindik ke?
tak tau hukum agama ke?

Neddy Raz said...

anonymous : btw kenapa na pakai nama muzamel?and itu pic lama.da ta pakai tindik.thanks ingatkan :)

Anonymous said...

miss ur old pic? ever think abbout to take it back? :)

Neddy Raz said...

anonymous : what did u mean?