Thursday, October 14, 2010


i write this because i care.because for me,you're still my friend even though you don't want me to be around you or whatsoever.please put the blame on me.first,i would like to say thanks to you for being my friend for like 4months plus.i had so much fun and great time when you were around me.yeah.i admit that.i really appreciate for what you've done for me.indeed.tell me if imma bitch for you.tell me if imma selfish for you.tell me if i'm complicated for you.just tell me.tell whatever you want.blame me.i don't blame you.yes,you're good enough,unlike me,a girl who ever thought that you're sucks.

i did say sorry to you,and you forgive me.i did say that we are cool,and u said the same too.i did say that we can still be friend,but u refused.that's fine for me.i don't like to force people to be my friend.that's stupid.and i have my own friends,matured enough,unlike you.sorry to say that you're immature.but it's shouldn't react like a deleted me from your facebook,your twitter.that's pathetic.and the day i made all the things clear,i did add you approved.and few days later,you deleted me're great,man!maybe you just wanna stalk my page.brilliant.

so,here,still i wanna make it clear,i don't even like to make enemy.i don't even bother of what you wanna say about me.i don't care if you don't wanna be my friend.because i know,a person like you just a psycho.

thanks and really,i forgive you.remember.i believe in blame me.someday,somebody will blame you.maybe for the same reason you hate me or maybe not.THANKS so much friend.



Anonymous said...

nice blog, nice words.

Neddy Raz said...

anonymous : thanks