Thursday, December 9, 2010

20 Facts About Me

  1. i love pink,purple,black and white.sometimes i love red too
  2. i always wear flip flop
  3. i will craving for foods like suddenly
  4. i wear my watch like everytime unless i go to shower
  5. there is a hairband on my right hand
  6. if i tie my hair,there will be bangle or bracelet on my right hand
  7. i bite my nails sometimes
  8. i hate texting
  9. i wear contact lens
  10. cockroach is my biggest fear
  11. i won't touch snake
  12. i'm afraid of dark and ghost
  13. i won't switch off the light if i sleep alone unless there's someone beside me
  14. will force mum or dad to buy things that i really want
  15. never had mp3 or mp4 player even an ipod
  16. love to nag
  17. stress like seriously when there's an exam
  18. flu,headache and backache are my truly best friends
  19. don't drink any sweet drinks.maybe sometimes
  20. love to sleep in the car if i'm not driving


NatasyaBellamy said...

memang sgt awk!! ;p

Neddy Raz said...

tasya : saya tau yang no-16 tu kan awak na ckp! :p

Anonymous said...


NatasyaBellamy said...

bukan2. semua! hee.

Neddy Raz said...

tasya : palling penting no-16 la.hehehe :D

zetty said...

kau sama je cm aku doe cume no 15 ta sama :)

Neddy Raz said...

zetty : haha.yeke weyh?serious semua sama?haha.