Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Harsh Words

i'd advised people because i care and love.sometimes the words that came from my mouth will hurt them.i know and i realized that.every words that came from my mouth really meaningful so that people can think about it.i won't advice with any good word because it won't works.

but sometimes people misunderstood about it.always thought that i just didn't know how to talk or advice them.i just simply used all my words.i won't think about their feelings.oke fine.that's me.i admit that i don't even know how to assort every word that comes out of my mouth.i'm not good in that.i just speak my heart out.

i'm sorry if i'd advised with any inappropriate words.i was just being myself.if you don't like the way i advise you,tell me that you don't need any advice from me again.i also don't like to give free advice to people who don't like the way I am.i don't like wasting time, energy and ideas to give advice to people who really don't need it.my intention is good because i don't want people to think about their problems themselves.i live to help others who need my shoulder, my ears and my mouth.i hate people who pretended to listen to me and then talk behind me like I know all of these kinds of things.that's horrible!

like what i'm saying,if you need my advice,please let me know.i'm ready to help.i would not advise people anymore unless people ask for my advice.because i know i'm not a good adviser.i only use words that offend people.so,if you can hold your ears and hearts, you can find me for advice.

thank you.

like what I am saying, if you need me to tell you the problem, please let me know. I'm ready to help. I would not advise people anymore unless people ask for my advice. because I know I am not a good adviser. I only use words that offend people. So, if you can hold the ears and hearts, you can find me for advice.


syarifah natalya aida said...

saya suka nasihat awk.suke dgr awk bebel.best.hee -tasya

Neddy Raz said...

tasya : pfft.mengada.asal pakai acc talya neh?

syarifah natalya aida said...

hee..sbb die tgah online..sy mls nk online.ngeh2..

Neddy Raz said...

tasya : sengal la awak neh!haha.

NatasyaBellamy said...

taraaa! im back! tak sengal. just actin cute. hee.

ainku nurul ain bt mohd azmi said...

aku ske nedned bebel.. dr pd ke sbn, pth blik pd pn bleh xbenti kn.. tp tu gneny kwn.. spe lg nk bebel kn?

Neddy Raz said...

tasya : oke fine.ini memang cute.haha.

ainku : haha.thanks.saya pun suka bebel.itulah nedned.hee. :D