Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

You should call your girlfriend with some romantic contributes a lot in developing a strong emotional relationship between you and your is a list of some cute names to call your girlfriend with their meanings :

  • Sleeping Beauty : Perfect for the sleepyheads.
  • Dolly Wholly : This name is perfect for the well-dressed girl.
  • Honey Bunny : Ideal for your playful girlfriend.
  • Cutsie Wootsie : This cute name is excellent to say when you are pinching her cheeks with both hands.
  • Pretty Eyes : If your girlfriend has crystal-clear, beautiful eyes, then you may call her by this cute name.
  • Princess : It is a perfect name for your girlfriend, if she has that little girl spirit.
  • Pumpkin : This name can be used for casual moments.
  • Doll Face : This name is perfect for a girl with a cute face.
  • Beautiful : It is a simple but effective name.
  • Sugar Cake : Prefect for the sweet and happy girl.
  • Sugar Puff : This cute name is ideal for your girlfriend, if she is sweet and very sensitive.
  • Cup Cake : Perfect for a sweet and innocent girl.
  • Snookums : You can call your girlfriend by this cute name before a kiss.
  • Peaches : This name is ideal for a girl who blushes a lot.
  • Angel : Perfect for a really elegant girl.
  • Pretty : It is one of the best names to call your girlfriend. Any girl will love this name.
  • Honey : This cute name expresses your intense love for your girlfriend.
  • Baby : This name will make your girlfriend feel younger.
  • Sweetheart : This cute name will make your girlfriend feel very special.


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