Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Moments

this entry is about everything that i remembered in 2010.yeah some may be sweet and best moments,some may not.year 2010 really taught me how to be strong and here i wanna share the moments that had happened to me in 2010.

1st Jan :
i went to Malacca with my BFF (amoy,adila,ali,yaq,edy and bariq).we were going to Dataran Pahlawan for nothing.haha.and we were having our 'wet' time at A'Famosa.yeah.this is really best moment because it was all about having awesome time with my BFF.

18th Feb :
broke up.that's all i can say.after 11 months in a relationship,this thing happened on this date.

13th May :
i was admitted in Hospital Port Dickson.was suffering from dengue.that was my first time being warded.thanks to my mum,dad and sis for being there.and trillion thanks to my friends and relatives who were came to visit me.appreciate that.

16th May :
i went to Deep Purple Concert in Genting Highlands.thanks to my friend who was giving me the free ticket.

18th May :
i was involved in accident.that was on the KL-Seremban Highway.thank God it wasn't my car.and really i was fine.but my backbone sometimes really pain after that me,that was my first time accident.

18th June :
it was my 20th birthday.i got my Blackberry for my birthday present.i felt so happy that time.but,there was a sad story on my BFF,adila,her mum passed away on that day.yeah.on my birthday.i was shocked and really sad.Al-Fatihah.

8th July :
i met Mohd Muzamel Zainal for the first time after he fly to Russia.he came back to Malaysia on this year Summer hols.yeah.the last time i met him was on 2008 i guess.we celebrated my belated birthday on this date.pfft.

2nd Oct :
God gave me my Mr Right on this date.Mohd Muzamel Zainal.thanks for the gift GOD.he really my coolest and best boyfriend i ever had.thanks for loving me and accept me for who i am.i really appreciate that.marry me! :D

30th Oct :
i went to Piala Malaysia 2010 football match.Negeri Sembilan vs Kelantan.went with my BFF amoy and edy and other guys from MIAT (amir naufal,aboy,has,meor,muhsin,togeh and some other guys that i don't know their name).that was my first time watching football match live in the stadium.the Kelantan's fans were throwing bottles to us because we were Negeri Sembilan's fans.that was crap!

20th Nov :
Shout Awards 2010!went with my BFF!AGAIN.amoy,tasya,ali and edy.ali got free tickets for us and that was last minute plan.really had rocking time with them.i just love my BFF!

3rd Dec :
OMG!i guess this is the very last awesome moment for year 2010!went to Penang with my BFF (amoy,edy,ali and yaq).even we've planned 8 of us will go to Penang,but last minute,it was only 5 of's oke because we still had our awesome time.we went to Night Market,Nasi Kandar,Char Kuey Teow,War Museum,Hard Rock and some other places.yeah.the best vacation ever with my BFF.they are rock man!thanks BFF!

so,this is all that i can remember.thanks to whoever that made me happy and smile.also thanks to whoever that made me hurt and's oke.i really appreciate that because you taught me everything about life.shouldn't have trust anyone that promised to make you happy.trillion thanks to all that were there when i'm happy and sad.iloveyou guys. <3


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