Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011

today is the first day of more 2010.2010 has taught me to be more mature and how to become an adults.every mistake that i've made gave a lesson to me.i will not forget all the sweet and bitter memories of the year will be an experience and a reminder to me.i will try to learn from the mistakes I've been doing and try to be mature for my age almost 21 years.

and here I want to say thank you to all who were on my side when I was happy and sad in the year 2010.i appreciate you all.thanks to family,my friends and boyfriend.i will always love you for you're always there when i need you.thanks again.

so,let us make the year 2011 as the year that are meaningful to us.don't waste this year with the things that are not good.try to do something good and meaningful so that we can experience the true meaning of life.because we didn't know until when we are living.we could die at any time.just remind yourself that we do not live long.

Happy New Year!