Monday, December 13, 2010


i've checked my final exam result for August semester last week.yeah my friend told me through facebook IM that the result already released and uploaded in first,seriously,i don't want to check my result.i know,i will fail one or two subjects because yeah i had no confident on the exam day.but i just logged in to Eramis.until when i've to wait?my heart was beating fast.

  • Critical Analysis : Passed
  • Consumer Behaviour : Passed
  • Macroeconomics : Passed
  • Statistics : Passed
  • Malaysian Studies : Passed

OMG!the time i saw my result,i was like thank-god-this-is-awesome!ouhh ya.i don't really wanna show my gred or CGPA whatever because i'm not really brilliant.but was not really was oke.Alhamdulillah.

so,i can't wait for the next semester which is my last semester and i only left four more subjects to finish my Diploma!

  • Management In Action
  • Finance
  • Malaysian Economy
  • E-commerce

i hope next semester will be really my last semester.i never failed any subjects so yeah January should be my last semester.then i will continue my degree!can't wait for that.can't wait to finish my studies.


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