Thursday, December 9, 2010


i was chatting with my girlfriend,Lyanna and we were talking about hair color.and i was thinking that i wanna color my hair because she told me if black hair kinda blunt.HAHA.thanks i know that here,i have chose few colors and have to decide which one suits me.

no 1
this color is like reddish brown
i really like this color
but was thinking is it suits with my skin color?

no 2
gold-ish brown looks awesome
maybe i should try this color

no 3
orange-ish brown looks pretty
if i'm really brave,i should try this color

no 4
normal brown hair color
looks simple
i've tried this color before and yeah it suits me

so yeah,i'm still thinking which color will suits me.i like no 1 and no 4.this is really hard.if i dye wrong color for my hair,i will die!but yeah,blonde is not on my list!hehe.any opinion,let me know ya.



Anonymous said...

i love all these colours.. but black suits u best.. black is not blunt at all!! i disagree...

Neddy Raz said...

anonymous : really?haha.okeoke.will think about it back.thanks for ur opinion ya :)

nurlinajohan said...

number two :)

L said...

haha.taking my advice ke?i love all of that hair colour.